I love the way the media enterprises that have never investigated the eligibility story when it was alive now feel compelled to pronounce it dead.

CNN President Jon Klein sent an e-mail to his staff last week explaining, “This story is dead.” Apparently he felt compelled to make the official statement because one CNN rogue, Lou Dobbs, had recently discovered the fact that Barack Obama had never established his bona fides as a constitutionally eligible president – failing to prove he was a “natural born citizen” as his Republican opponent was forced to do in Senate hearings.

Why was Klein so sure there was nothing to it?

His reasoning was very strange indeed – and his logic even more twisted.

It seems CNN researchers contacted the Hawaii Public Health Department about the missing long-form birth certificate – the only document absolutely essential to determining where Obama was actually born. What they were told was stunning.

The long-form birth certificate no longer exists! It was destroyed in 2001 when Hawaii went paperless.

Now, what’s shocking about that?

The same media outlet that claimed the story was dead because the birth certificate hasn’t existed in eight years previously claimed that a Hawaiian official had personally inspected it to determine its authenticity.

Now maybe I’m an unusual newsman, but when I get two entirely contradictory statements from public officials, it makes me more suspicious and curious, not less.

How is it that state health director Dr. Chiyome Fukino was able personally inspect the birth certificate in November 2008 when it had been destroyed seven years earlier?

How is it that FactCheck.org was able to have “seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate” around the same time if it was destroyed in 2001?

These supposedly first-hand observations have heretofore been used as prima facie evidence that a long-form birth certificate confirms Obama’s story about a Hawaiian birth Aug. 4, 1961.

But somebody’s lying.

How can both stories be true?

How can they both be used to suggest there is no story here?

Where is the natural curiosity by the rest of the press?

How is it that they can accept at face value two patently contradictory statements and claim they both provide evidence of Obama’s natural born citizenship and eligibility for the highest office in the United States?

I’ve got to tell you: I’ve been in this business a long time – 30 years of full-time professional news reporting and editing. I’ve never seen anything like this. We don’t have a free press left in America – aside from the one you’re reading. What we have is an official press – one that doesn’t want any rogue journalists rocking the boat, challenging authority and watchdogging government at all levels.

This story isn’t dead at all.

And that’s what scares the management of CNN, the New York Times, the Associated Press and other Big Media who only recently were forced to cover this story at all through the sheer tenacity of WND, which has chronicled it tirelessly for 11 months.

What they mean is they want it dead. They’re getting their butts kicked, and they don’t like it. Their phones are ringing off the hook from disgruntled, disbelieving members of the public. They’re losing what little credibility they had left.

The establishment press is sounding as shrill as the Obama activists. They ridicule anyone who has a mind of their own. They call people names when they don’t fall into line. They attempt to humiliate those who actually do the job of a free press.

It’s not the story that’s dead. Instead, what you’re hearing is the sound of the Big Media watching their own funeral.

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