Increasingly voiced concerns over the so-called overwhelming and growing numbers of uninsured, and the impending battle to provide coverage for same, is not due to a lack of affordable coverage as such. It is due to government involvement where it has no constitutional right to be, the misguided idea that government is responsible for providing for our personal needs, and in part because many of the uninsured want Rolls Royce coverage on someone else’s dime. Tangential to that, we don’t need health care reform – we need government to stay out of it.

But is this really about covering the uninsured per se, or is it about something more? I say it’s really about giving payback to the industry responsible for bankrolling Obama’s waltz to the White House. And before you call me a conspiracy nut, look no further back than to his gifts to the unions by sticking it to the stockholders of General Motors. Look no further back than his public condemnation of certain CEOs while openly acknowledging that others (who just happened to be major contributors to his campaign and other Democrat causes) would receive no such public ostracizing.

Consider also the following two important points. First, if Obama gets his way, and his call for universal health care measures become a reality – the “conscience clause” that now protects doctors and medical staff opposed to abortion for religious reasons would be removed, forcing them to perform and assist in abortions. Catholic hospitals would be forced to perform abortions and distribute contraceptives. States could be forced to build abortion clinics under the guise of expanding medical services. States that, at present, have successfully opposed abortion could now be forced to perform them. Individuals would lose their right to say how their tax dollars are spent. How many honestly want to pay increased taxes so more abortions and sex change operations can be provided as a health care service?

The other important point is that it makes not even nominally good sense to plunge the nation trillions more into debt to undertake this red herring. There are approximately 307 million legal persons in our country, with supposedly 47 million of those uninsured. That means that the best plan he and Congress can come up with is to increase deficit spending by trillions more, to cover 6.5 percent of the population?

The prudent thing to do would be to work toward manageable tort reform that would allow for litigation in verifiably authentic instances that call for same. It would also be prudent to allow the free-market health care system to continue coming up with successful ways of providing care for all income levels – even if some of the health care plans contained certain restrictions pursuant to varying types of pre-existing conditions, etc. Then, perhaps, after those avenues had been exhausted, there would be Medicaid benefits that could be applied conjunctively to an individual’s existing plan.

I predict that if the health care reform that Obama wants passes, the bill will become just a de facto welfare benefit – paid for by the middle-class citizens who are already overburdened. Show me one government program that has worked successfully sans waste, corruption and mismanagement – from food stamps to housing to Head Start to job training – all have suffered under increased abuse and mismanagement while claiming an ever increasing share of the budget.

Where are the budget cuts that Obama promised? How have we benefited from his meddling into the banking and automobile industries? How are we to believe that government can run health care better than the health care industry?

I have long said that this administration is a shameful disgrace, guilty of an unparalleled assault on the Constitution and individual rights – and this proposed initiative, along with cap and trade, prove it.

This is just one more thinly veiled attempt by Obama to lead America down the path to hell. His measures, thus far, have yielded only spiraling, heretofore unthought-of deficits for which future generations will be responsible.

Another question that must be asked is, why is Obama in such a rush to reshape the nation in six months? Could it be because he knows that when congressional members go on recess next month, their constituents are going to give them an earful pursuant to their disapproval of this bill and the increased spending? Is it likely that he wants this bill passed before Congress breaks so members cannot change their minds when they reconvene? Thus, one could argue his push for quick passage is his attempt to thwart the will of the people. It could also be fears that in another six months Americans will realize what a fraud he is – and how disastrous his programs truly are.

Parading in front of teleprompters and mouthing disingenuous assurances isn’t leadership or change. It is simply more of the same from another smarmy politician who will say and do anything to advance a diabolical agenda – no matter how bad it is for the nation.

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