WASHINGTON – A pair of Louisiana FM radio talkers say they got canned following an interview with WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah on the subject of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for office.

“The end began for us a couple of weeks ago when Joseph Farah from WorldNetDaily.com was interviewed on our show regarding the ‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’ campaign,” said Daniel “Spike” Harville. “That afternoon I stopped by the AM radio station and the owner, Mrs. Ruby Collins, took the opportunity to give me an earful about the show with Mr. Farah. She told me, and I later confirmed with the secretary, the phones had been ringing off of the hook all morning with complaints that we would question Obama’s eligibility to be president. Several of those callers threatened to call the FCC and complain.”

Harville said Collins told him she was “afraid of the Obama administration sending a bunch of lawyers, the IRS and the FCC to close her down, so we needed to cool it.”

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The next day, when the co-host of the “Mike and Spike Show,” G. Michael Lee was in the KNCB offices, the subject of Joseph Farah came up again, and he was chastised by the owner.

Lee said he was told to tone down the political talk and not mention Obama again.

The final blow came July 22 when the talkers discussed a weekend date by Lee’s daughter. He showed up for dinner dressed in a suit – a marked contrast to the previous appearance when he wore a cap on sideways, baggy pants and a tank top. Lee told the young man he looked like a thug.

A caller then accused the pair of speaking in racial code.

Immediately following that show, the ax fell on the “Mike and Spike Show.”

“We were very involved with the tea party movement and were able to give them lots of radio coverage,” said Lee. “We also interviewed some wonderful people on the air including Ann Coulter, Dog the Bounty Hunter, several people from Newt Gingrich’s office, including Dr. Bill Forstgen, and WND news guru Joseph Farah. Our goal was to raise the awareness of the average listener whether they knew it or not. We are now looking for another station or syndicator.”

The show was heard in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

You can hear the show that did them in here.


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