The Rolls and the duck blind.

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One day a game warden went to check on a local fishing spot down near the beach. When he arrived he saw a Rolls Royce pulling up. The warden decided to hide and see what the people in the Rolls were doing there.

A chauffeur got out of the Rolls and set up a portable camouflaged duck blind. He then opened the passenger door and let out a man dressed in what could be called a Brook’s Brother’s style camouflage hunting outfit.

The man got out an expensive shotgun from the trunk of the Rolls and got into the blind while the chauffeur parked the car up the road.

Pretty soon a flock of pelicans flew overhead and the man rose up and shot two of them. The game warden couldn’t believe his eyes and quickly came out of hiding and approached the man.

“Sir, do you know it’s against the law to shoot pelicans? They are a protected species. Do you even have a hunting license?” asked the warden.

“No I don’t. And no, I wasn’t aware it was illegal to shoot them,” said the man.

“Get into my Jeep. We are going to see the judge about this. Oh, and tell your chauffeur to follow us,” ordered the warden.

While driving to the courthouse the warden asked the man, “Why would you shoot pelicans?”

The man responded, “I eat them.”

“You eat them!” the warden exclaimed. Perplexed, the warden then asked sarcastically, “Well, what do they taste like?”

“The man replied, “Kinda like a cross between a bald eagle and a condor.”

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