The cacophony is growing.

There is a din of media outrage being expressed.

Pundits and talking heads are losing their heads – not to mention their cool.

Over what?

It’s not health care.

It’s not cap and trade.

It’s not even whether Barack Obama thinks black people are always right and cops are always wrong.

It’s whether the man sitting in the White House for the last six months is constitutionally eligible.

About three months ago, some of you will remember, I set out to make this happen. I launched a billboard campaign with just this goal in mind – raising the visibility of the story, which had been all but forgotten because of the bailouts, the stimulus packages and the government grab for power under the new regime.

“Where’s the birth certificate?” was the campaign. Many of you criticized me for the choice of words. Yet, you bought up the bumper stickers by the tens of thousands. You erected the yard signs and held up the rally signs at tea parties. And you supported the billboard effort with financial contributions.

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Do you recognize what has happened in such a short time?

You’ve made this an issue!

This is why everyone can’t stop talking about the “non-issue” of the birth certificate.

One day Hawaii officials swear they inspected it. The next day, they deny it even exists.

One day the hospital where Obama claims to have been born is sporting a letter to that effect. The next day the letter disappears and the hospital won’t confirm his birth there.

One day the official gatekeepers of the non-story insist he was born in one hospital. The next day they say it was a different hospital.

None of this is supposed to worry us.

We’re just supposed to go along with the changing facts and accept that a higher authority has determined the truth for us.

One thing that is severely lacking in all this late discussion of the “non-issue” – where’s the evidence?

It’s a simple question. Where’s the answer?

I was interviewed by a big magazine this week. One of the questions I faced was: Where’s the evidence for my position?

My position is that Barack Obama has not proven his eligibility. The evidence for that is quite simple and self-evident – he hasn’t. If he has, please show me.

His “evidence” is a document that could never and will never suffice. It’s called a certification of live birth. It is not a birth certificate. It does not prove even the first question we ask for proof of natural born citizenship: Was the subject born in the United States?

It wasn’t just possible to obtain such a document having been born outside the country, it was actually quite easy. All it would take was the word of one parent. The secondary evidence they point to are newspaper birth announcements. And how were these generated? They were generated by public health departments who distributed them to newspapers whenever a certification of live birth was issued. So that is no evidence whatsoever.

The only other evidence we have is Barack Obama’s word. And since he was too young to know where he was born, that, too, is no evidence whatsoever.

Once again, I am not making accusations about where Obama was born. All I am saying is that he is without question hiding something by not producing a real birth certificate – one that bears a signature of a physician and the name of a hospital where that birth took place.

He is hiding something. And I think I have proved that.

It’s not my job to prove he was born elsewhere. It’s Obama’s job to prove he is a natural born citizen. If he has any respect for the U.S. Constitution he swore to uphold, he would have done that by now – if he can.

Every day he delays doing that, the suspicion will only grow.

No, this is not a “dead story,” as the president of CNN pronounces. It is very much alive. It is getting bigger every day. And, yes, I am proud of the part I played in making that true.

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