Demeaning protesters who confront their members of Congress at town hall meetings over the health care plan and other concerns appears to be part of a strategic plan by Democrats and their allies to “dehumanize” them, according to a psychiatrist.

Keith Ablow, a New York Times best-selling author and Fox News Channel contributor, told the Glenn Beck television show that calling opponents of the legislation promoted by President Obama and the Democratic majority “a mob” classifies them as subhuman.

“This sounds familiar,” he said, describing it as sounding a little like “that slope to totalitarianism.”

WND reported over the weekend on video clips that showed constituents confronting their members of Congress over the massive spending in Washington and the intimidating new demands of the health care proposal.

The opposition, if anything, is heating up. A new video shows a representative for Rep. Christopher Carney, D-Pa., refusing to hold discussions with constituents in the presence of the media or in groups larger than two or three.

“The government is not representing us anymore,” said Connie McCaffery, who was at the meeting and appears in a video of the event posted on

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“We came today to speak with Rep. Carney’s representative,” said Veronica Adams. “He doesn’t want to meet with us as a group. He didn’t want to meet with us with the press.”

Ablow said the Democratic description of such constituents as “a mob” is intended to intimidate, too.

“Nobody does want to be called crazy,” he said. “By (describing) the opposition as non-people, as not thinking people, who would want to line up, other than patriots I might suggest, and (be part),” he said.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., was confronted by Democrats who objected to what Congress is doing and quickly changed the subject from the health care plan to the Erie Canal.

Identifying himself as a registered Democrat, a protester challenges Hoyer to tell the truth.

“You can’t tell us anything,” the protester said.

Added another, “Why would you try to stuff a health care plan down our throats in a couple days when the president took six months to pick a dog for his kids?”

Hoyer launched into an analogy using the Erie Canal as an example of issues voters had opposed.

The attack on protesters reached a summit on MSNBC, when Keith Olbermann labeled the protests as phony and fake and said they were “disrupting” meetings of “Democratic lawmakers.”

“That protester right there is holding a Bible,” the voiceover on the report said.

No town hall meeting? No problem to raise the question, constituents of Rep. John Tanner, D-Tenn., found.

Their video charges that Tanner has met with Michael Moore and Fidel Castro.

“But he won’t meet his constituents in the 8th District to talk about health care.”

On the Fox News Channel, a Wisconsin man who attended a town hall meeting explained he wanted to express the message, “We don’t feel that Washington is listening to us.”

He told host Bill Hemmer, “The way the Congress has been acting in general lately is in my mind totally unconstitutional. They want to take one of the most important issues in my life, which is health care, they want to say that they are going to reform it but they haven’t even read the bill.”

WND reported earlier that some congressional Democrats now are planning to discuss their work with local constituents only by telephone instead of through in-person meetings.


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