WASHINGTON – Having trouble making sense of the whole Barack Obama birth certificate issue?

Are you concerned about constitutional eligibility requirements and looking for a way to educate your friends and family members?

Do you want to get the straight facts from the investigative reporting team that put this issue on the map?

All those are good reasons to check out the first DVD documentary about what has become the hottest issue in America – “A Question of Eligibility.”

The documentary is produced by WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah, who employed a top-notch professional filmmaking team.

But the final product is so controversial that the filmmakers, including, including veterans of many other explosive movie projects, made the unusual, last-minute request to keep their identity secret for fear of retribution.

“That’s how hot this topic is,” said Farah. “That’s how hot this movie is.”

“A Question of Eligibility” was produced and edited to release Aug. 4, the date Obama claims as his 48th birthday. The product has sold record numbers already.

In “A Question of Eligibility,” Farah chose four key presenters to bring the issue home – WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author of “The Obama Nation”; Orly Taitz, one of the most visible attorneys involved in filing lawsuits challenging Obama to produce proof of his qualifications for office; Alan Keyes, a participant in one of those lawsuits, a presidential candidate himself, and the Republican candidate who opposed Obama in his successful bid to become a U.S. senator, the job that brought him to national attention; and Janet Porter, an activist and pundit who writes a weekly column for WND.

“What we have produced here is a compelling and shocking documentary that will appeal both to those already steeped in the details of the eligibility story and those who need a video introduction to the major issues,” said Farah.

It’s a fast-moving, original work shot entirely in Washington, D.C., and based on the voluminous investigative work of the news agency that has spent more time and money on the story than all other news media combined – the WND news team, said Farah.

“I’m hoping people will purchase a copy for themselves and pass it around to their friends – devotees of the issue and skeptics alike,” said Farah. “I’m hoping people will share it in their living rooms, at tea party planning sessions and especially with their members of Congress – so officials in Washington can see firsthand that they’ve been sold a bill of goods about Obama’s qualifications.”

He said he would also appreciate it if Americans concerned about this issue would order extra copies for their members of Congress.

Farah says sooner or later the truth will come out on Obama’s failure to prove his eligibility and maybe even his inability to prove it.

“Obama is choreographing a top-down revolution in America – one from which it may take generations to extricate ourselves,” says Farah. “It will be a shame if we learn he was ineligible to serve in the office of president only after he’s gone. If we can force the issue to be addressed while he is still in office, we have a chance of turning back the clock on many of the destructive actions he has taken already. If he’s not able to prove his constitutional qualifications, we might all be able to wake up one day and think of the Obama administration as just a bad dream.”


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