WASHINGTON – It’s summertime and the time is right for sending postcards.

But, since Americans are all broke and can’t afford to visit favorite vacation spots, be sure to pick up your supply of postcards that sport a message for these troubling times – one that reminds friends, family and even congressmen of the constitutional imperative of establishing Barack Obama’s eligibility for office.

It’s probably the hottest-selling postcard in America. It shows a “Where’s the birth certificate” yard sign on the White House lawn.

Though he has never released a long-form birth certificate, Obama claims to have been born Aug. 4, 1961, in an unnamed Honolulu hospital that has yet to take credit for the historic birth of the baby who would become America’s first black president.

Inside sources tell WND thousands were delivered to the White House in time for Obama’s 48th birthday.

But Joseph Farah, WND’s founder and chief executive officer, points out the postcards can be used to send notes to anyone – not just Barack Obama.

Purchasers of the postcards will receive mailing addresses for the White House and Congress should they choose to use them for those purposes.

It’s just the latest effort by Farah to raise the visibility of an issue he says was ignored by his colleagues in the media and most of the nation’s elected officials, including Republicans.

Farah’s first venture into eligibility activism was the launching of an online petition to “all controlling legal authorities” to take the matter seriously. That effort continues to build with some 450,000 having signed on.

His second effort was the creation of a magnetic bumper sticker product that has now sold nearly 5,000 units.

Farah’s third effort less than two months ago was the launching of a national billboard campaign that has raised about $100,000 and placed, so far, seven ads at locations around the country. The billboards, like the bumper stickers, say simply: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

Next was the development of yard and rally signs sporting the same design and question.

More recently, Farah put up a $10,000 bounty for verifiable new information about facts of Barack Obama’s birth.

“My hope is that all of these efforts will lead to more awareness and concern about what, I believe, is a paramount constitutional issue,” said Farah. “If we’re going to forget about the Constitution’s requirements for presidents, what exactly are we going to remember when it comes to our most important governing document – the very contract that holds together these United States of America?”

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