Former Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey, made a prediction:

In September or October there will be a hyped up outbreak of the swine flu which they’ll say is as bad as the bubonic plague to scare the bed-wetters to vote for health care reform. … That is the only way they can push something on to the American people that the American people don’t want.

What they may be pushing, along with government-run health care (even by another name), is a vaccination you’re not going to want.

A confidential letter from the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency was sent to about 600 neurologists alerting them to watch for an increase in Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) as a result of the swine flu vaccination. GBS can be fatal as it attacks the nerve lining, causing paralysis and suffocation – as those affected are unable to breath.

The UK Daily Mail reported on the July 29 letter and pointed to a similar U.S. swine flu vaccination used in 1976 when:

  • “More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu;
  • 500 cases of GBS were detected;
  • the vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times;
  • the vaccine was withdrawn after just 10 weeks when the link with GBS became clear;
  • The U.S. government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.”

So, instead of giving warnings to the people who’ll be vaccinated, secret letters were sent to neurologists to keep track of the number of human guinea pigs who contract the dreadful GBS without knowing the risk.

Don’t miss the most recent edition of Whistleblower magazine: “Medical Murder: Why Obamacare could result in the early deaths of millions of baby boomers”

Yesterday’s F2A radio program featured Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, who reported there were 470 deaths from the swine flu in the United States compared to 36,000 annual influenza-related deaths from the “regular flu.” That’s right, the “regular flu” is far more lethal. Yet by calling the “swine flu” a “Public Health Emergency,” billions of our tax dollars were spent to rush massive “emergency” vaccinations while the pharmaceutical companies receive blanket immunity.

But things must be “really bad” in other countries, right? The CDC reported that the United States has the “largest number” of H1N1 cases, noting, “however, most people who have become ill have recovered without requiring medical treatment.”

In Monday’s Financial Times, Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of “The Truth About Vaccines,” said: “… in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I’d question why we need a vaccine at all.”

Me too.

Austrian investigative reporter Jane Burgermeister, on Wednesday’s Faith2Action radio program, said France is already responding to the Pandemic “Level 6” complete with military-enforced mandatory vaccinations. She added, “They are going to be mandatory throughout Europe.” But that’s not all.

Burgermeister reported:

According to the International Health Regulations of 2005, which has been incorporated into legislation also in The International Partnership on Avian Influenza of 2005 of the USA … the WHO and the U.N. become the controlling agencies of the U.S. in the event of a declared Level 6 Pandemic, and are entitled to control of this country under martial law … under the pretext of fighting a pandemic emergency.

Refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized; police can therefore use deadly force against “criminal suspects” refusing these vaccines.

Perhaps this is a reason why the Pentagon is preparing to “make troops available,” as Fox News reported, to work with FEMA. Fisher said Congress passed post 9/11 regulations, over the objections of the governors, granting the federal government the authority deploy the National Guard.

Last week, I reported about the ads the Army and National Guard are posting for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists” for “confinement,” “control,” “custody,” “supervision” and “counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.”

Just who are these high school graduates (they seek to hire) going to supervise and control in resettlement and internment camps? If they were criminals, they would be going to a place called “jail.” If they were for prisoners of war overseas, one would think there would be some “language requirements” in the application since “counseling” them is part of the job description. Instead, the ad talks of duties “similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers.”

Maybe that’s where they’ll put terrorists. As Fox News reported, the Pentagon’s written exam says “protests” are an example of “low level terrorists.” Really? At least they’re not “the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States,” as the DHS referred to law-abiding citizens just a few months ago.

And just where are these internment camps? While those who’ve videoed FEMA camps are discredited faster than a conservative in a town hall meeting, we may have found the means of transportation to such a place. Check out this YouTube video from a guy who spotted a “Mass Evacuation Bus.”

Who gets put on one of these huge government buses without windows?

Maybe it’s those who refuse to take the potentially paralyzing swine flu vaccination. Check out the “sessions” at an “International Swine Flu Conference” that is being held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Aug. 19-20.

You’d expect a conference like that to have some sessions like “Frequent Hand Washing,” but according to Burgermeister, they’ll be discussing such things as:

  • “Unwillingness to follow government orders”
  • “Control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder”
  • “Protect police forces from falling ill and from being hurt in civil disturbances” and
  • “Manage a surge in crime and meet routine requests at the same time.”

The promotional brochure also lists, “Mass fatality management planning.” (And that’s probably just from the vaccinations.) Somebody needs to go to that meeting tomorrow to see what else they’re saying.

Before they line up your children to give them a swine flu vaccination in school without telling you, find out more, and speak out. Your life and your freedom may depend on it.

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