JERUSALEM – Communists, socialists and Marxists are sick of what they claim are recent “unfair media attacks, stereotyping and vicious slander” against their ideologies and have launched an online protest petition to news media officers entitled, “Communists are people, too.”

In a letter published in the People’s Weekly World, the newspaper for the Communist Party USA, New York labor activist John Pietaro claims detractors of President Obama have been labeling some of his policies “communist” as a means to scare off supporters.

“Red-baiting is back, as a means to stop the even moderately progressive agenda of Obama. They red-baited Obama during the election and are doing so again,” wrote Pietaro.

“Health care reform is ‘socialism,’ we heard in November, but nowadays they are even using the ‘c’ word. It’s part of his ‘communist plan.’ Consistently, we hear the lambasting of socialism, Marxism and as a result – anything liberal,” he wrote.

Pietaro claimed the “attack” on Obama’s policies comes from “the monopoly capitalists, the religious Right, the America Firsters, the conservative lunatic fringe, racists and anti-communists, and the Republican Party itself.”

“This assault on all things progressive is serious business, and we need to bring it to the media’s attention,” wrote Pietaro.

The communist newspaper provided a link to an online petition titled, “Communists are people, too,” asking the news media to end the “hate speech” against communists, socialists and Marxists.

“Our simple request is that you as beneficiaries of our ratings put an end to unfair media attacks, stereotyping and vicious slander against us, your audience,” the petition states.

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