At least once or twice weekly Nancy Keenan of NARAL had been sending a steady stream of “Keep anti-choice extremism out of health-care reform”-type e-mails, as was her July 28 message entitled – until Aug. 3. Nancy has now gone silent for over two weeks.

Same goes for Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, who likewise was transmitting “Anti-choice groups step up attacks on women’s health”-type emails, as was the title of her July 22 dispatch – until July 24. Cecile hasn’t been heard from in over three weeks.

On Aug. 11, President Obama unveiled his Reality Check website with nary a word about the biggest obstacle to passing health care, abortion.

Coincidental clam-ups?


In her last e-mail, Cecile wrote, “[T]ell Congress that women’s reproductive health care MUST be part of health-care reform.”

Nancy in hers wrote, “Ask your lawmakers to oppose anti-choice attacks on health-care legislation.”

Clearly, both felt their unnamed treasure trove, abortion, was in imminent danger of being aborted from health care.

Then … silence?

The other side does nothing without a plan. The plan is to stop talking about abortion 1) in hopes the controversy will die down, and 2) to regroup and reframe the argument.

But make no mistake: Abortion is still part of the liberal plan. On Aug. 12, Cecile tweeted:

Just left the White House meeting on women’s health care – they appreciate all the might pp supporters speaking up for reform in the states!

Also on Aug. 12, an ad popped up on Craigslist by Planned Parenthoods in Chicago and New York recruiting workers to push abortion in health care:

Right now anti-choice forces are trying to hijack health-care reform. They want to exclude reproductive health care. And, they want to cut out trusted community health-care providers. … We need your help to build up public support for this campaign! Full-time and management positions available NOW. … Earn $335-$535.

So pro-aborts are still pursuing the goal of taxpayer-funded abortions, just stealthy.

Meanwhile, Cecile gave a glimpse of how they plan to reframe the debate in an Aug.. 13 Facebook entry. It’s going to be all about alleged disparity in women’s health care:

Yesterday I attended a special meeting at the White House to discuss women and health insurance reform. The basic message was that we’ve got to remind folks why we became so dedicated to reforming the health-care system – or more particularly, the health insurance system – in the first place. …

Women are charged higher health insurance premiums because – NEWS FLASH – we bear children! Wouldn’t you think we would get a medal instead of higher insurance costs? …

Women get the short end of the stick from the insurance industry, so, yes, of course, we want national standards! According to a recent survey by the National Women’s Law Center, the vast majority of individual market health insurance policies don’t even cover maternity care. Not to mention that women are too often blocked from insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions – including breast cancer and pregnancy!

Women need affordable health care that covers OUR needs – from childbearing to Pap smears to mammograms. Geez, we represent more than half the population here! No wonder we’re fighting for real health care change.

So believe it or not, the health-care spin by the United States’ largest abortion provider is going to be baby delivery coverage.

Meanwhile, the abortion industry has a mounting problem within their congressional ranks. On Aug. 11, EMILY’s List, which specializes in raising funds to elect pro-abortion Democrat women to Congress, issued a fundraising plea (bold highlights theirs):

The [National Republican Congressional Committee has] picked 70 districts to target for 2010 – and nine of these are currently held by pro-choice Democratic women. …

History shows that now is their opportunity to strike. In almost every recent midterm election, the party that holds the White House loses seats in Congress. …

That’s why I’m asking you to support EMILY’s List today. …

Americans are obviously leaning away from the concept of nationalized health care.

But before that Americans historically polled heavily against the idea of taxpayer-funded abortions, now in their face within the already unpopular health-care plan.

So pro-abort legislators face a double-constituent negative by supporting Obamacare.

It’s true, by the way, that the NRCC has targeted 70 Democrat seats to take back in 2010, nine held by pro-abort women.

So Planned Parenthood and NARAL can plot all they want. Right now it looks like they lose no matter what they do.

Although, do NOT take that for granted.

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