In December 1988, Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi masterminded the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, murdering 270 people.

Last week, Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill released Al Megrahi from prison on “humanitarian” grounds because he was suffering from prostate cancer, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown remained silent. Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi claims Brown encouraged the Scottish government to release Megrahi.

Needless to say, the name Al Megrahi and the word “humanitarian” should never be used in the same sentence. But that’s what happened  – an unrepentant mass murderer was released because he was sick.

To no one’s surprise except the British government, Al Megrahi received a hero’s welcome back in Libya – greeted and warmly embraced by Gadhafi.

Many things can be said about this action and reaction:

  • It encourages future acts of terrorist mass murder;
  • It demonstrates weakness;
  • It illustrates the many ways Britain is coddling radical Islam;
  • Since most of those aboard Pan Am 103 were Americans, you can be sure this insanely unnecessary action was approved by Barack Obama;
  • Radical Islam will never appreciate random acts of kindness and will never change its view of the West because of warm and fuzzy gestures;

All that is true – and worth saying.

But I want to make another point about this story.

While the British government was instrumental in the freeing of Al Megrahi, it was standing firm on its inexplicable, irrational and perverse decision to ban American radio talk-show star Michael Savage from entering its country.

Michael Savage, it should be noted, never killed anyone.

It seems Britain is more afraid of political speech than murderous deeds.

What else are we to conclude from this study in contrasts?

Michael Savage’s only crime is being an outspoken conservative – a successful broadcaster and best-selling author who stands up for freedom and against tyranny. He courageously tells it like it is. He exposes the threats that come from terrorists like Al Megrahi. He stands up for American principles, and has even defended the honor of Great Britain.

But it is Michael Savage who represents a threat to Great Britain, according to its disgraceful political class.

It’s Al Megrahi, oddly, who receives their compassion – not Savage.

And, again, make no mistake about this: Barack Obama signed off on both of these actions – the release of Al Megrahi and the attempted international humiliation of an outspoken talk-show host who never hurt a fly.

Many times as I observe the news and report it, I get the feeling that I am living in a parallel universe, where up is down, black is white and right is wrong.

The cowardice of the West’s leadership, the capitulation to terror and violence, moral relativism and what can only be described as a death wish on matters of national and international security are crystal-clear examples of this upside-down, inside-out inversion of standards and common sense.

Michael Savage is my friend. He would not only be welcome in my home, he would be an honored guest.

Obviously, I cannot say the same about a mass-murdering terrorist like Al Megrahi.


I don’t think so.

Britain is operating out of fear and gutlessness and faintheartedness – and the world knows it.

The western leaders know that Michael Savage doesn’t threaten violence against anyone. They know he poses no danger to life and limb. They know he is a watchman on the wall against all that monsters like Al Megrahi stands for.

Yet they continue to ban him from their islands and send home beasts like Al Megrahi to hero’s welcomes in countries complicit and celebratory about his role in slaughtering innocent human beings just because they were westerners.

I’m speechless by these inexplicable, pusillanimous acts of baseness.

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