M. Scott Peck, author of “The Road Less Traveled” (which enjoyed more than 10 years on The New York Times best-seller list) also penned a less widely read work entitled “People of the Lie,” the insights of which I have previously shared with readers. The thesis of the book is that narcissism is the cause of all evils perpetrated by humankind. The allure of the far left has always been rooted in individuals’ proclivity toward narcissism and base self-interest.

As the philosophy of the left has insinuated itself into Americans’ worldview – the relaxing of social mores, inordinate tolerance of personal self-destructiveness and destructive ideologies – our societal framework has eroded, giving rise to the degeneration of American culture in general. Yet, the left has repeatedly succeeded in persuading Americans that implementation of their ideas will somehow ameliorate these very problems. It is akin to a mentally deranged person trying to think his way out of his illness.

Thus, I became interested in the phenomenon of narcissism, the variety known as “malignant narcissism” in particular. Given the recent actions of certain of our elected officials, my awareness of this phenomenon has increased, specifically in the area of prominent and powerful individuals.

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Football legend and actor O.J. Simpson was a truly beloved American icon. The quintessential American success story, he projected an amicable, wholesome, larger-than-life figure. His triumphs were even more noteworthy because he was a black man who had risen to fame and fortune during the Civil Rights Movement era.

In 1995, Simpson was put on trial for the murders of Nicole Brown (his second ex-wife) and a male friend. As a result, authorities and the press were able to delve into his affairs as no one had previously done. Only then did Americans learn that he was a beast and a brute, an obsessively controlling, chronic wife beater, emotional abuser and philanderer. In short, he was a pathological narcissist for whom whimsy, pleasure and image were paramount. Worse, his behavior had been validated and reinforced by the fact that he had been catered to by those around him, personally and professionally, for decades. After beating the murder rap, Simpson continued to manipulate and bully those around him. Twelve years later, his capricious conduct earned him a lengthy prison sentence for numerous firearms charges, robbery, burglary, assault and kidnapping.

Many Americans, and even a few trained in behavioral science, have identified President Obama as a deeply pathological narcissist. He has also managed to masterfully control his environment. While his detractors contend that his façade has been maintained by a complicit press, this may only be partially true. According to experts, the profoundly narcissistic frequently astonish casual observers when the extent of control they have been able to maintain over their environment (primarily, people close to them) is finally revealed.

I have noted on more than one occasion that the plethora of furtively secreted issues surrounding Obama would have (in addition to destroying his electability) required more than a sympathetic press to conceal.

While there are well-known individuals who have persisted in their attempts to bring aspects of Obama’s past to the fore, most have been largely thwarted in their efforts. Some believe that his nationality and eligibility to serve as president are in question, given events of his early life and the cagey manner in which he and his surrogates have conducted themselves pertaining to these matters. Others, even among his detractors, have put this to bed, citing disbelief regarding arguments in this area. Still, given the evidence at hand, their reasons for this deportment remain unclear – or at least, undisclosed.

No one – not even obsessive-compulsive recluses such as Howard Hughes toward the end of his life – exists in a vacuum. One wonders, given the historic nature of his very presidency, why there appears to be so little interest in Obama and his family as people; certainly, no other first families have been spared public curiosity, if not intense scrutiny.

I would submit that there probably is more interest in the Obamas than is outwardly represented in the media; it is likely that the continued cooperation of the press has created the impression that this interest is scant. Given the determination with which our president has hidden certain other personal information, it is probable that there are a few aspects thereof that he perceives might damage him politically, if not personally or even legally.

Like the close friends of Nicole Brown and O.J., there may indeed be distressed, conscientious individuals who are privy to the truth of these matters. Ironically, it may wind up being the effects of Obama’s narcissism itself that eventually give them away.

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