With each day that passes, new signs appear of the Obama faction’s determination to install a totalitarian, national, socialist form of government in the United States. The proposed guidelines for class discussion and activities surrounding his speech to schoolchildren scheduled for Sept. 8 seem to me and many to be among them. The guidelines smack of the kind of unquestioning, uncritical personality cult indoctrination of young people characteristic of such regimes. So do the continuing indications that Obama’s White House is intent on keeping track of Internet users who express disagreement with Obama faction policies. In the wake of things like the emission of homeland security guidelines that identify pro-lifers, constitutionalists, supporter of the Second Amendment, homeschoolers and even returning U.S. military veterans as potential terrorists, this intention has ominous overtones. So does the decision to move interrogation of terrorist suspects under the direct control of a White House appointed so-called “czar.”

Discussion of this move has focused quite accurately on its demoralizing effects on personnel at the CIA, especially in concert with Justice Department moves to re-investigate personnel involved in interrogating terrorist suspects, though they were previously found to have done nothing warranting criminal prosecution. However, another troubling aspect of the move that has not been adequately analyzed is its impact on congressional oversight. Will the deliberations and activities of the “interrogation czar” be covered by claims of Executive Privilege? Will the elected legislative representatives of the people be in a position to make sure that the terrorist rubric is not abused to arrest and intimidate the Obama faction’s political opponents, and/or others who disagree with its ideological agenda? Like the White House efforts to move the administration of the Census from departmental to White House control, this move opens wide the door to such abuses. They are well-known to be part of the tactical arsenal used by totalitarian dictators in other places and times to consolidate their control of all aspects of a society’s life. On the excuse of making sure foreign terrorists are not abused, is the Obama faction positioning itself to use terror as an instrument of domestic intimidation and control?

Many well-known political leaders, such as 2008 GOP presidential nominee John McCain, insist on speaking as if Obama and his cohorts are not much different than the politicians and government officials we’ve had before. They’re “good people” who want the same things we all do, though we may disagree about the means they propose to achieve them. I don’t know if this kind of talk is disingenuous or just naïve, but it ignores everything we have come to know about the ideological formation and commitments of key Obama faction personalities, including Obama himself. Most Americans felt no desire to move to the Soviet Union in the heyday of communism. They feel little admiration for oppressive, narcissistic rulers, or the string of totalitarian charisma mongers that have stifled the potential of all too many Asian and African nations.

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Though they pretend to be Obama’s opponents, the political equivocators had no qualms about adding to the chorus of false praise choreographed in response to Sen. Edward Kennedy’s death. Not a few of them chimed in with some thoroughly unprincipled and rationally incoherent refrains. Was this an innocuous display of non-partisan civility? Or was it a contribution to a deceptive cloak of normalcy intended to make sure too few Americans wise up to the Obama faction’s strategic intention to overthrow American liberty before it’s too late to resist it successfully by the usual Constitutional means?

On the evidence of their lifelong ideological views and present behavior it’s hard to miss the Obama faction’s desire to establish totalitarian, national socialism in the United States, built around an Obama -entered charisma cult used to pre-empt and exclude disagreement and dissent. It’s a mistake to think that we can thwart their aim simply by trusting those who posture in opposition to the socialist and even anti-American bent of the Obama faction’s proposals in this or that area of policy. We must look for people who will articulate and in action represent the positive alternative to this surrender of liberty. We must look for those who see and will act to preserve the golden thread of respect for liberty that must be woven into the fabric of every law, every policy and every action taken by government at any level on behalf of the free people it is supposed to serve and represent.

For those who both understand and love liberty, the sine qua non of trust when it comes to the words or actions of any political leader or aspirant is their willingness boldly to declare the foundational moral truths of the American republic, beginning with the origin of our unalienable rights in the will and gift of the Creator, God. Guided by allegiance to these truths, it is possible and necessary to arrive at, and make judgments about, the particulars of any issue we confront as a free people. The Republican Party has failed to answer the hopes of many of the voters whose loyalty was the basis for some impressive political victories in last 30 years, because too many Republican leaders have been unwilling or incompetent when it comes to this crucial task of American statesmanship.

The hour is late. America cannot afford once again to place the hope of its freedom in the hands of failed equivocators, whatever label they wear. We must earnestly pray for the discernment to look beyond what they are now scheming to offer us – another false moment of partisan victory that doesn’t postpone the day when our free republic falls away. Now is the time to remember the words that should be so much more than a motto for those who would be free; words that should be the moral and spiritual coinage for our judgment as citizens and our choice of political allegiance: not in parties or in leaders but IN GOD WE TRUST, and in those who by their reasoned words, their principled deeds and their sacrifice of mere ambition, prove to us they do likewise.

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