Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Jr.

In his speech to the nation’s schoolchildren Tuesday, President Obama repeated the family narrative he presented in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father,” despite documentary evidence that tells a different story.

“I get it. I know what it’s like,” Obama said in the televised speech. “My father left my family when I was 2 years old, and I was raised by a single mom who had to work and who struggled at times to pay the bills and wasn’t always able to give us the things that other kids had.”

Contrary to Obama’s statement, however, his father did not abandon the family in Hawaii when he accepted an invitation to study at Harvard in 1962.

Instead, his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, abandoned his father, Barack Obama Sr., when she moved from Hawaii to Seattle where she was enrolled in extension courses beginning Aug. 19, 1961, only 15 days after Barack Obama Jr. was born, according to Dunham’s grade transcript WND obtained from the University of Washington.

According to the Polk directory for Seattle in 1961-1962, Obama’s mother was listed as a student living at 516 13th Ave. E., apartment 2, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area, where babysitter Mary Toutonghi reported Obama’s mother attended night classes at the university as part of her extension school program.

Documents uncovered by WND have raised questions about whether Obama’s parents ever lived together as husband and wife, despite the president’s repeated assertions his parents lived together in Hawaii during the first two years of his life.

WND further reported that the Polk directory for Honolulu for 1961-1962 documents that Obama’s grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, lived at the address listed for Obama’s birth in the announcements published in the Honolulu newspapers at the time. Barack Obama Sr. maintained a separate bachelor pad at an address closer to the University of Hawaii.

Still, the nativity story Obama told the nation’s schoolchildren Tuesday matches his account on page 126 of “Dreams from My Father.”

In the book, Obama related a story his mother allegedly told him: “When your father graduated from UH [University of Hawaii], he received two scholarship offers. One was to the New School, here in New York. The other one was to Harvard. The New School agreed to pay for everything – room and board, a job on campus, enough to support all three of us. Harvard just agreed to pay tuition. But Barack was such a stubborn bastard, he had to go to Harvard. How could I refuse the best education? he told me. That’s all he could think about, proving that he was the best. …”

WND can find no indication if Ann Dunham worked while she attended the University of Washington, where she was enrolled in the Spring 1962 term as a full-time student.

WND can find no documentary evidence indicating how Dunham paid her tuition at the University of Washington or where she got sufficient funds to pay rent and living expenses for herself and her infant son while she was living in Seattle from August 1961 until she returned to Hawaii, after Barack Obama Sr. had left for Harvard.

There also is no indication that Dunham ever returned to Hawaii to visit Barack Obama Sr. while he continued his studies at the University of Hawaii in her absence or that Barack Obama Sr. ever traveled from Hawaii to visit Dunham while she lived in Seattle.

A timeline based on documentary evidence shows that, contrary to President Obama’s contentions that his parents lived together in Hawaii for two years after he was born, his mother left his father in the month of Obama’s birth.


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