London’s ‘Big Ben’

LONDON – Winston Churchill would be proud.

Talk radio star Michael Savage is not waiting around for an invitation to visit the United Kingdom, which has refused to apologize for banning him from visiting – along with a small rogue’s gallery of terrorists, murders and neo-Nazi skinheads.

Instead, he has taken the fight to the enemy.

Savage has procured the Internet domain and is now offering an easy and familiar way for residents of the United Kingdom to visit him – or at least his website.

Beginning today, all visitors from the U.K. who hit that destination will be automatically and seamlessly transported to Savage’s main website.

“If I am not welcome in the United Kingdom, I want the people there to know I bear no ill will toward them for the extremely misguided and hateful actions of their government,” said Savage. “So this is my way of inviting them to visit me – on my home turf.”

As WND has reported, Britain’s former home secretary, Jacqui Smith, announced in May that Savage was on a list of banned figures that include Muslim extremists and leaders of hate groups. Savage has threatened a lawsuit if his name is not removed.

Meanwhile, impressed with the controversy, the vaunted 200-year-old Cambridge Union Society in England has invited Savage to participate in a debate next month.

The invitation letter, signed by society presidents Julien Domercq and Jonathan Laurence, says the Cambridge Union has been following Savage’s case “with great interest” and believes he is “more qualified than anyone to talk about the subject of political correctness in American and Britain.”

The student society at the University of Cambridge wants Savage to speak for the opposition in an Oct. 15 debate titled “This House Believes Political Correctness is Sane and Necessary.” If there is no change in his legal status before the debate, the letter states, he could address the society via a live video link.

The society presidents told Savage in their letter “the decision to ban you has caused quite a stir and we are keen to know how your situation progresses, especially now that Jacqui Smith has resigned from Cabinet.”

The Cambridge Union Society, founded in 1815, has hosted the likes of British Prime Minister Churchill and American presidents Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt.

About his “invasion” of the U.K. by Internet, Savage said: “At last I can speak directly to the British people who I’ve always admired. Finally, a way to present my side of the story. I want the British people to see the danger the Gordon Brown gang has put them in – pandering to Libya while banning an American conservative who believes in borders, language and culture.”

Savage is believed to be the most highly educated nationally syndicated radio talk show host in the nation, with a master’s degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences.

On – or the new British site – visitors will find the secret documents and e-mails proving the British government’s conspiracy to besmirch an innocent man’s reputation, information kept under wraps by what he calls Britain’s and America’s censored Marxist media.”

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