We must embrace a new era of engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect. …

– President Barack Obama, Sept. 23, 2009

I’ve constructed similar analogies before, so bear with me if this sounds a little familiar: You live in an apartment building, down the hall from a pyromaniac who has served time for arson. The problem is that he’s been stocking his apartment with all manner of flammable sundries over the last couple of weeks, and there’s every reason to believe he’s planning something particularly horrendous.

What’s really scary is that the group of tenants who have met several times over what to do about this guy have, for some reason, prohibited any decisive action be taken, citing grounds such as lack of probable cause, due process and concern that he might bring a lawsuit if confronted. In fact, the building superintendent has promised sanctions against anyone who goes to the police or the landlord.

What’s even scarier: Members of your own family agree with the other tenants.

This is analogous to the situation that the U.S. faces vis-à-vis North Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran and, to a degree yet to be determined, much of the Islamic world.

Many Americans who are not committed leftists agree that American foreign policy has grown increasingly limp-wristed over the last 30 years. Despite the mobilization against Islamic fascists in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this also includes the administration of George W. Bush in key areas.

In days past, the U.S. was willing and able to act unilaterally when tyrants and destabilizing forces emerged on the geopolitical stage. What the majority of Americans do not know is that, for the aforementioned last 30 years, it has been the intent of certain of our leaders and lawmakers that America lose its global preeminence.

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In no way is this evidenced more than by the administration of President Barack Obama. Like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Obama expounds upon cooperation and peace, but, as with so many other issues, his actions contradict his exposition. In his twisted vision, a weakened America is a good thing. It is most certainly in keeping with the political doctrine he followed prior to running for the presidency, and the character of his confederates. If one factors out the manner in which the product was presented to the electorate in 2008, it makes perfect sense.

In my 2005 column “The case for imperialism,” I stated that which is anathema to progressives: American society is superior to that of other Western societies, our culture is superior to that of retrograde Third World cultures, and it is a moral imperative that the U.S. uncompromisingly advance our worldview and dispatch all opposition with extreme prejudice.

My parents, God love them, while not political, were essentially liberals. Like many children of liberals, I was raised with the admonition “Never hit anyone unless they hit you first.” Of course, this completely overlooks the fact that often, the one who is hit first isn’t in any shape to hit back. I mean, you wouldn’t let someone shoot or stab you first, would you? My children have been instructed to incapacitate anyone they even think is going to hit them, and worry about the niceties later.

There isn’t much reason to belabor all that was wrong with President Obama’s address to the United Nations General Assembly this week and the feeble message it conveyed to our enemies. To those enemies, no doubt it was the cherry on the sundae behind Obama’s resolution to halt deployment of the anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe and his abysmal telegraphing as regards the campaign in Afghanistan, as well as selling out Israel.

We’d be content and happy if Obama can stay president forever. …

– Muammar Gadhafi, Sept. 23, 2009

And is it any wonder? Do you suppose Gadhafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were snickering up their sleeves as Obama droned on with his trademark smug, peremptory cadence, extolling the virtues of cooperation and (very Western, I might add) concepts of shared responsibility?

I’m no psychologist, but I think that this propensity for weakening us on the part of our leaders is a manifestation of their narcissism. They believe that these foolish overtures to enemy nations display magnanimity and transcendent character on their part. Given that Obama is the narcissist’s narcissist, it obviously figures that his efforts in this area outstrip those of other American presidents.

To many of us, it is clear that Obama is dragging America toward global socialism; as I have indicated before, probably farther to the left than that. Interestingly, it is worth noting that all of the world’s other socialist and Marxist regimes differ in a fundamental aspect from the one Obama is desperately trying to create.

They look out for their own interests.

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