Here is a complete listing of Jack Cashill’s columns on “Dreams from My Father.”

“Ayers questioned about ‘Dreams’ collaboration”

“Dreams From My Teleprompter”

“Ayers already turning on Obama”

“Barack Obama’s Milli Vanilli moment”

“Newly found article confirms Obama ‘Dreams’ fraud”

“Bigger frauds to fry than Rosenblat”

“Ayers dances around ‘Dreams’ controversy”

controversy goes global”

“Oxford don trips badly on ‘Dreams’ analysis”

“London Times inquires about ‘Dreams’ fraud”

“Science points to Ayers authorship of Obama’s ‘Dreams'”

“Ayers’ role in Obama’s ‘Dreams’ poised to break out”

“Barack Obama:
Ayers’ alter ego”

“Test shows Ayers penned Obama’s ‘Dreams'”

metaphors could sink Obama”

“Obama didn’t write ‘Dreams from My Father'”

“Roots’ fraud sets standard for Obama’s”

“Obama’s poems show real talent level”

“More proof Ayers ghosted Obama’s ‘Dreams'”

“Bill Ayers’
motive for penning memoir”

the text”

“Real author of Barack book: Why it matters”

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