Congress has tuned out the town halls and record-breaking tea parties. They’ve turned a deaf ear to our switchboard-jamming calls and deleted our e-mails.

All the while, socialized medicine is on a fast track to ration our health care and bill us for baby killing. Cap-and-trade has already passed the House to tax us for driving to work and heating our homes. Thought-crime legislation is sitting in a conference committee threatening to Criminalize Christianity. And more trillion-dollar spending bills are on the way.

How can we possibly fight all these attacks effectively with a Congress that isn’t listening?

I believe we’ve found a way.

What is it that members of Congress care about most? It’s not their hostile agenda. It’s not even their liberal leaders. The three things members of Congress care about most are: 1) getting re-elected, 2) getting re-elected, and 3) getting re-elected.

That’s nice, but we can’t wait until 2010 – if they keep going at this rate, we may not have a country or any freedoms left to protect.

It’s time for a “nuclear option” of our own. We must deliver a message they can’t ignore on the issue they care about most: keeping their jobs.

That “nuclear option” is officially launched. I announced it at the How to Take Back America Conference to hundreds in a sold-out crowd in St. Louis and to a hundred thousand watching online. We are going to put Congress on notice with a personalized pink slip delivered to their door by Fed Ex.

With one click of a button we can now send all 535 members of the U.S. House and Senate a personalized pink slip – reminding them that they work for you. They’ll also get the message that if they vote for government health care, cap-trade, hate crimes, or any more spending, their “real pink slip” will be issued in the next election. Signed by you, their employer. It also asks them to write and inform us of what they intend to do.

But WorldNetDaily didn’t wait for my kick-off speech on Saturday. The attack is so fierce and the battle for our nation so threatening, they couldn’t put it off for even a day. I’m glad they didn’t, because by the time I first spoke of this effort publicly – in one day – already half a million pink slips had already been ordered!

This has never been done before: One click to deliver 535 personalized pink slips to all of Congress. In four days, already more than 850,000 pink slips are on their way to Congress!

Imagine boxes and boxes of personalized pink slips from floor to ceiling! It’s kind of hard to ignore the message when you’re tripping over pink slips!

There is strength in numbers and an unbelievable savings – in both money and time!

If you mailed 535 pink slips through the U.S. Postal Service (with a 44-cent stamp), it would cost you $235 (not counting paper, envelopes, printing and time), but, for the first time in the history of grass-roots activism, your individualized message will be delivered by Fed Ex for a fraction of what it would cost you to mail them yourself.

Thank you WorldNetDaily for your incredible effort, which brings the price down to less than the price of a single Fed Ex package.

Some are worried about our friends – don’t be. I spoke to many in Congress who attended the How to Take Back America Conference and others who are with us on the issues – and they are thrilled about the pink slips they’ll be getting! They know they are not going to be voting for socialized medicine, the government takeover of energy, thought crimes, or any more spending packages, and these messages only serve to strengthen their resolve!

They, however, are thrilled to know that their colleagues who are planning on ramming these things down our throats are going to take notice. They won’t be able to claim that they “haven’t heard anything from their constituents” this time around.

And those Blue-Dog Democrats and fence sitters looking for some kind of “compromise”? Millions of pink slips just might be able to help them withstand the Obama, Reid and Pelosi pressure!

So our friends are encouraged, the fence sitters find courage, and it’ll make those who hate America, the free market and free speech really, really irritated. The way I see it, it’s a win-win-win!

It’s time to turn up the volume! Send this link: to everyone and every group you know. Send it to news sites, blogs, tea party organizers and your personal e-mail list. If just 10,000 people participate, more than 5.3 million pink slips will be sent to Capitol Hill! Effective, tangible grass-roots activism has never been easier or more important!

Can’t wait until November 2010 to let Congress know how you feel? Now you don’t have to. Put Congress on notice before they pass the most dangerous legislation of our lives. Fed Ex boxes with personal, individualized messages delivered to their office – on the issues that matter most to us – attached to a pink slip – a tangible warning about what matters most to them.

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