Phyllis Stevens (photo: eQualityGiving)

A lesbian political activist who donated thousands to Democrats and homosexual causes is suspected of embezzling nearly $6 million from one of the world’s largest insurance firms.

Despite her $40,000 a year salary as an insurance compensation specialist, Phyllis Stevens purchased two homes valued at more than $550,000 and gave thousands of dollars in donations to Democratic Party political candidates and homosexual groups.

The 58-year-old chairs the Midwest Chapter of Marriage Equality USA, a homosexual “marriage” advocacy group. She is accused of embezzling the money from health insurer Aviva over a period of five years. A civil complaint filed in federal court accuses Stevens of manipulating a computer system intended to give commission to insurance agents. She allegedly made payments to non-existent agents and deposited the commission into a bank account she shared with her lesbian partner, Marla, policy director for LGBT Fairness PAC.

According to the Seattle Times, Phyllis and Marla exchanged wedding vows in Canada in 2003.

Stevens was arrested on fraud charges Friday, and a hearing has been set for Oct. 16.

Stevens and her lesbian partner donated at least $82,000 to Democratic congressional candidates from Iowa; Democratic presidential candidates such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson; and groups such as ActBlue, and the homosexual “marriage” advocacy group One Iowa.

On the website eQualityGiving, Stevens wrote, “Marla and I are very careful about whom we give money to (especially when we decide to max out on a candidate.) As a couple, we refuse to max out on a candidate who doesn’t support marriage equality.”

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