Don’t you dare point out in polite company that socialized medicine in Germany provided the mechanism for the Holocaust.

Don’t do it.

Even though it’s undeniably true from a historical standpoint, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and their accomplices in the Big Media will vilify you, ridicule you and accuse you of minimizing the tragedy of the Holocaust.

But I don’t really care if they play that card with me. They’ve already played the race card. They’ve already played the Nazi card. They’ve already played the “extremist” card. Consider me inoculated from the venomous poison of these vipers.

Here are the facts you should know before accepting a nationalized health-care system that will place in the hands of government the very keys to your life and liberty.

Adolf Hitler didn’t launch national socialist health care in Germany. It began in the latter part of the 19th century under Otto von Bismarck, ironically as part of his “anti-socialist” legislation. Bismarck, like many of today’s U.S. politicians, believed introducing a form of what I call “socialism lite” would stave off the more virulent forms of the disease.

The Weimar Republic that preceded the Nazi takeover had already witnessed the transformation of the German health-care system from one focused on individual practitioners and individual patients to one more concerned with general public health. Prevention became the watchword. Doctors became more like state functionaries concerned with the nation’s general health than individuals accountable to patients for health care.

When a worldwide economic crisis hit in 1929, government expenditures for health care were slashed as were those for public housing, welfare payments and creation programs. The government health-care system began to apply cost-efficiency calculations to medical treatments.

The first victims were those considered weak and “unproductive” to the interests of the state. The eugenicist ideas of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a hero of today’s collectivists promoting socialized medicine, were studied and adopted by the Germans. Charles Darwin’s notions about “survival of the fittest” were applied to social engineering policies.

Before Hitler ever came to power, Germans were already euthanizing or sterilizing large numbers of the mentally ill and the mentally retarded.

Just as today’s American Medical Association embraces socialized medicine, so did its German counterpart support the Nazi expansion of state manipulation of medical care for state purposes.

One of the first Nazi-era laws was the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny of Hereditary Disease,” which prohibited reproduction by those deemed “genetically inferior.” With it came the institution of a “Genetic Health Court” of judges and doctors which determined who should be forcibly sterilized based on the state’s extremely limited knowledge of genetics.

By 1935, Nazi Germany was performing forced abortions up to the sixth month of pregnancy. Thousands of handicapped children were killed by pediatricians under the direction of Ernst Wentzler at the German Children’s Hospital in Berlin. Other medical researchers, including the infamous Josef Mengele, used the children in their own gruesome and torturous experiments.

Ultimately, of course, all this desensitization to state-approved and state-conducted murder and mayhem led directly to genocide – the attempted systematic destruction of the Jews in Europe.

Am I suggesting that socialized medicine of the kind being promoted in America today leads inevitably to holocaust and mass murder?


But I am saying it is a necessary prerequisite for government-directed holocaust and mass murder to occur.

It’s also clear that the kind of state-enforced medical rationing and the politicization of medicine observed in Germany before and during Hitler’s reign of terror would not be possible without that first step of nationalized health care.

This does not mean Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are little Hitlers in the making. I am not calling them Nazis, though they share some common values and common friends with the German national socialists. I am saying their statist work in the area of so-called “health-care reform” can make it possible for some future American version of Hitler to carry out his most diabolical plans.

In America, unlike anywhere else in the world, our Constitution strictly limits the role of government in our lives because our founders understood the inherent and inevitable threat to life, liberty and prosperity posed by the state.

Try to find in that document any hint of a government power to be responsible for essential services like food, housing or medical care. It’s not there – for a very good reason. The government is supposed to be dependent on the people, not the people on government.

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