We seem to be moving backwards at a breathtaking pace. Instead of doctors caring for patients, and their family gathering around them when the time finally comes to say “goodbye,” we’ve regressed to when barbers were “state of the art” medical providers. Their remedy of choice (regardless of ailment) was bloodletting. The surgical tool they used to accomplish this was the bloodsucking leech.

Our federal government today consists of 535 bloodsucking leeches in Congress, legions of overpaid and ignorant staffers, innumerable czars in the executive and the lifetime federal judiciary they appoint. Who better to accomplish the “reform” of health care?

In addition to “reforming” health care, they are busy sucking the life blood out of America’s Constitution. They’ve created “administrative law,” where the bureaucracy that “regulates” a person’s livelihood also adjudicates disputes. So the enforcer is the judge. And the jury? Well, there is none. How very convenient – for a government of bloodsucking leeches. Not so much for the patient.

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When I was growing up, as kids we had a quip for the whiners and complainers: “Well, make a federal case out of it, why don’t you?”

Today it is difficult to find some area of life that is not a “federal case.” Everyone from bankers to car company bosses are whining for the federal nanny to come and wipe their noses, kiss their owie, pay the bonus they never earned and somehow make it all better. Deviants demand special laws to protect their proclivities from others’ free speech. Judges have found the Constitution to be “unenforceable.”

But for the life of me, I can’t see what a person visiting their doctor has to do with the bloodsucking leeches in Washington. The freedoms they swore to protect are already on life support – victims of their gerrymandered seats and fundraising bribery. Our military’s blood is being spilled on the battlefield, while Obama carts his entourage to Europe and pleads for the Olympic Games in Chicago.

Exactly how and where the Constitution gives this bunch of bloodsucking leeches the right to regulate doctor visits and control patient treatment is somehow never addressed. I wonder why? A million-plus peaceful protesters in the leeches’ front yard demanding they get their nose out of the hospital tent are dismissed. And the bloodsucking party goes on. Does anyone imagine this can all end well?

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