Using a fallen hero as a prop

By Mychal Massie

As I watched a clip of Barack Obama saluting the casket of one of our fallen heroes, I was reminded of just how narcissistic he is. Other presidents have performed said act in private without cameras and/or reporters – but Obama had to make it about him.

Offended and outraged by his display, I wanted to tell him that while America’s enemies may view him as pusillanimous or as the equivalent of that which a jester’s liripipes factually represent (i.e., two ears and a tail) – I viewed him as a cheap pettifogger who feigns qualities that conceal his true incertitude. I wanted to tell him that he was reducing the office, which should have been his ne plus ultra for good – to a sinister darkness that rivaled Erebus himself.

I wanted to ask if it remotely bothered him that his actions had undermined the shareholders in the automobile industry so that a few of his favored might gain, and/or to what extent his narcissism allowed him to even consider he was enslaving future generations with the debt of his agenda – albeit one need not be a psychic or psychologist to know his reply. I wanted ask what it felt like to lie to, mislead and threaten the people who voted for him.

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I wanted to tell him there were many who understood that the appointment of czars was his plan for circumventing the branches of government as established by our Founding Fathers. And that surrounding himself with the most ardent supporters of Lenin, Chavez, and Mao – several of whom in recent days have openly praised Mao – would not blunt our criticism.

I know what it says about his personally held convictions when his handpicked czars genuflect and invoke the patronage of the man responsible for the deaths of 40-70 million people. It says that they are the sanious lesions upon the soul of his being. It is a truism as old as time – people surround themselves and associate with persons like themselves.

Those unlike oneself will not align themselves with you – reference Judd Gregg, R-N.H. Which brings us to his unconvincing attempts to explain relationships with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Michael Pfleger and numerous other avowed communists and America haters.

I would not give him the benefit of the doubt, by saying he had an opportunity to do good and did not. I would submit that he has been a flawed, miserable human being since his early childhood development. How else could one develop characteristics and traits that allow them to preach what others should do for “the least of these” as he put it – when he, a multi-millionaire, allows family members to reside in squalor?

I would not hesitate to tell him there are many things that he has done since taking office with which I have disagreed, and that he is akin to a wannabe actor who will do anything or say anything to get in front of the camera – but regrettably for him, teleprompter speeches are not synonymous with effective leadership. Being president of America is more than curtsying to a Saudi king.

But of all that he has done to betray the oath he swore to uphold and all that he has done to take this nation further down the path of destruction, nothing disgusted me more than seeing that surreal photo-op at Dover AFB. I wanted to shout: Have you no shame? Have you no decency? Your contumacious and narcissistic behavior toward Gen. McChrystal has allowed for dozens of America’s most gallant to be killed – while you feign an anguished decision-making process.

A pox on you and your house for using the body of a fallen hero to serve as a prop – whether the reason be an attempt to stabilize plummeting approval ratings, a narcissistic attempt at a puerile power play to show Gen. McChrystal “who’s really the boss,” or an attempt to placate the extremists in your party as you try to take control of one-sixth of the nation’s economy vis-à-vis government-controlled health care.

I would also remind him that there is “One” greater than he and the agenda he shares in compliance with his handlers. And the faith of us believers persuades us that he is but the penultimate ephemera preparatory to the zeitgeist that must exist prior to the unveiling of the ultimate evil. In the final analysis, he is potentially the next to the end before that which our Scriptures call the Tribulation Period begins – either way, as an ephemera he is a matter of no lasting significance.