The Rev. James David Manning is the pastor of Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem. He has been outspoken in his criticisms of Barack Hussein Obama’s unwillingness to prove that he is in fact eligible under the Constitution to serve as president of the United States. He has accurately described Obama’s intention to overthrow the Constitution and establish a national socialist dictatorship over the American people. He has presented scripturally based arguments aiming to show that Obama represents the evil whose emergence in human affairs Christ prophesied as one of the hallmarks of the last days. He has criticized the Congress, the Supreme Court and the media for their collusive failure to investigate the possible fraud involved in Obama’s occupation of the office of president of the United States.

Rev. Manning produces a daily video series in which he has repeatedly and consistently aired these views. Now it appears that the YouTube account through which he shared these videos with the public has been suspended on the grounds that his views are too controversial. Close on the heels of this obvious effort to limit his ability to communicate with the public, he now reports that he has been visited by federal agents who questioned him about statements he made regarding “the birth certificate issue” and his opinion that Obama is an illegal alien, not qualified to be president of the United States. As a result of this visit, Rev. Manning says that he expects to be arrested and charged with making threats against the president.

I have followed Rev. Manning’s broadcasts and statements for some time. He is forthright and outspoken in his religious and political views. He speaks with a boldness that is surely offensive to people who believe that civility requires silence even in the face of the stratagems of deception now being perpetrated against the American people. But I see nothing that he has said or done that warrants interference with his freedom of speech. Both YouTube’s actions and those of the federal and New York City officials who visited his church appear to be in clear violation of his constitutional rights and part of an effort to intimidate him and others who are outspoken critics of the coup d’état being perpetrated by the Obama faction and its fellow travelers among the elites, who are working to accomplish the overthrow of our constitutional republic.

Discover the truth about the intimidation tactics used by today’s White House in Whistleblower magazine’s “MOB RULE: Under Obama, Chicago-style bullying and intimidation go nationwide”

The repression of Rev. Manning’s views is an intolerable assault on the constitutional freedom of every American. However disagreeable his voice may be to others, including the present occupant of the White House, his right to voice his criticisms is clear and undeniable. So is his right to seek redress of grievances that threaten the sovereignty of the American people and of every American as a member of the sovereign body of the people. Respect for these rights is one of the bedrock prerequisites of government of, by and for the people. Efforts to thwart and repress their exercise constitute a clear and present danger to the liberty of all Americans. Like the darkening skies and rising winds that announce the landfall of a hurricane, this move to silence Rev. Manning ominously foreshadows the next phase of the elite assault against the Constitution and people of the United States.

The U.S. Constitution clearly protects the freedom of political expression and information vital to sustaining the constitutional self-government of the people. However, from motives of greed and ambition, the dominant media outlets of our day seem uniformly to have fallen under the sway of political control and manipulation. They now behave with regularity like the politically dictated media outlets characteristic of Communist China or the now defunct Soviet Union. For the time being the Internet offers hope that an alternative media, directly arising from the people themselves, can assure that the dark arts of political repression and persecution will feel the glare of public scrutiny and reaction. I pray that people of goodwill, who still love liberty and understand the prerequisites for its survival, will use all the networks of friends and associates at their disposal to spread the word. The Obama faction has apparently decided to move from ridicule and legal maneuvering to intimidation involving the open abuse of law-enforcement power. They seem desperate to suppress the rising demand for evidence and truth with regard to Obama’s eligibility for office, as well as other constitutionally questionable features of his rise to and use of the office he now occupies.

We must spread the word. We must make Rev. Manning’s name and situation a byword for the vigilance of all Americans determined to preserve the freedom of our nation. Whatever our differences of views, beliefs or styles of expression, if the freedom of one can be repressed without remark or consequence, the freedom of all falls under the shadow of repression. Reflect on this. We live at a time when the Fort Hood assailant, Maj. Hasan, could openly approve violence against our country while seeking direct contact with our terrorist enemies, but no federal agents or police bothered to question or interfere with his actions. The result: Americans die at his hands. Yet when a critic of Obama merely exercises his clear constitutional rights, power is abused to intimidate and silence him. Will freedom of speech die as a result?

This is an outrage. It is a travesty. It is warning sign no sane free man or woman can safely ignore. Not if we care to preserve our freedom. By all means at our disposal we must raise the outcry: LET REV. MANNING BE HEARD! HE HAS THE RIGHT! AS DO WE ALL.

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