A new television program scheduled for release from Coral Ridge Ministries next year will attempt to bridge both the theological and the practical, helping audiences see how a person’s worldview plays out in everyday decisions.

The 30-minute “Cross Examine” will be co-hosted by Del Tackett of Focus on the Family’s “Truth Project” teaching series and veteran producer and talk radio host John Rabe.

“There are lots of Christian programs on the air that deal with spiritual issues,” Rabe explains. “We’re thankful for those, but what’s unique about ‘Cross Examine’ is that, following the pattern of our founder, the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, we are going to look at how the Bible and the lordship of Christ apply to every area of life.”

A statement from Coral Ridge Ministries adds that the program “will look at life and cultural issues using powerful personal stories as a launching pad to discuss what the Bible teaches about the family, government, community, work, education, God, man and the church.”

Both a trailer for the new program and a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made are viewable at Cross-Examine.org. In addition, the project will be promoted on “The Coral Ridge Hour,” Sunday, Nov. 29.

Coral Ridge Ministries makes available a TV station locator for listings and times.

“We strongly believe that the new ‘Cross Examine’ program will be a tremendous way to inform and equip viewers to see current events through a distinctly biblical worldview,” says Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, daughter of Dr. D. James Kennedy and board member of Coral Ridge Ministries.

Tackett, the former senior vice president of Focus on the Family and co-host of the show, adds, “One of the things that really excites me about ‘Cross Examine’ is that we’re not just going to sit in a studio somewhere and pontificate about all of these [topics], but we’re going to be out in communities around the country interviewing people and capturing the stories, because it’s going to deal with the real issues of life.”

For example, the program’s pilot episode was filmed on the streets of New Orleans, where Tackett talks with the people who lead Desire Street Ministries, an outreach to at-risk inner-city youth.

“We’re going to be able to help people understand through the use of a story,” Tackett says, “to understand why that story is in chaos or why the people in that story are suffering or why things are working well in that story. And the connecting of the dots will be the connecting of dots between what is going on around us through stories to God’s truth and his design and how he has called us to live.”

“Our plans are for ‘The Coral Ridge Hour’ with D. James Kennedy to continue on indefinitely,” explains Rabe. “‘Cross Examine’ is another program to supplement that … and reach a younger generation, a different generation of people. Same worldview but a different generation.”

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