An activist organization supported by Hollywood and TV actors is encouraging young people to support health care reform any way they can: by flirting, tweeting, lying and even pledging to withhold sex from anyone who disagrees with them.

Rock the Vote proclaims its mission is to “engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country.”

Apparently, part of achieving that change includes boosting young people’s sexual power as well.

In an Internet advertisement posted on YouTube and Rock the Vote’s homepage, actress Eva Amurri from TV’s “Californication” and actor Zach Gilford from “Friday Night Lights” encourage young voters to take a pledge to “hold out for health care.”

“Politics is personal,” the video states, and so invites young people to join in the following pledge:

We pledge ourselves to the health and liberty of young Americans, and to government for the people. We pledge to educate ourselves, to stand against those who fight us with mind, body and spirit and to never f—ing you if you are against us. We will vote against you, work against you, and once again, just in case you forgot: never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never, ever f— you.

The video itself can be seen below.

Editor’s note: The following video includes sensual behavior and potentially offensive language.

In addition to the pledge, Rock the Vote’s video suggests other forms of manipulating others into getting on board with government health care reform.

“Get your friends interested,” says Amurri, suggestively. “Touch their arms a little, unbutton [your shirt]. Rock the vote by flirting.”

She further advises young ladies, “Maybe some creep who thinks death panels are real is hitting on you; he’s lying to you. You can rock the vote by lying right back.”

The video, which was clearly created to convey its message with humor, is nonetheless posted on Rock the Vote’s homepage with links to take the pledge, donate to the organization and send in other ideas on how to get health care legislation passed.

For example, one site visitor identified as Lizzratt submitted, “I have tweeted, which automatically Facebooks for me. I will get the young people around me informed and activated, and I will write letters to the editors of my local newspapers.”

Another called zull2 responded, “I can’t even get a date, much less get someone to sleep with me. But I’ve got friends, and I also believe health care is a right, not a privilege. And until health care is a right, those friends who do not support that view are not friends of mine.”

Rick didn’t pledge to withhold sex, but he did pledge, “No Christmas presents for those who stand against health care are coming from me. I will share this on Facebook.”

Lil Duck, however, proclaimed, “My boyfriend is getting none until health care passes.”

The website also includes a toll-free phone number through which callers can contact their congressmen:

“Did you know that male cougars are known as rhinos?” the site states, referring to the slang terms for older women and men that seek sex from younger people. “Tell the cougars and rhinos in Congress (they are called ‘Senators’) what you think about health care.”

Rock the Vote’s public service announcements and Internet ads have included dozens of movie, television and music stars, including Christina Aguilera, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson and Madonna.

The organization boasts that last year it achieved the highest voter registration numbers in its 20-year history, registering 2.2 million individuals through its tools and website.

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