As American culture has degenerated into a dark alley of moral relativism and narcissism, more and more parents have taken the radical step of educating their children at home.

And as the culture becomes more Darwinian, it is no accident that a growing number of home educators are looking for curriculum that counters the death culture that the high priest of naturalism brought forth. Now, for the first time, the public has access to a year-long science curriculum that is heavily weighted with a biblical worldview.

The brainchild of Creation Truth Foundation founder G. Thomas Sharp, “Truth in Science” ( is the most comprehensive science curriculum I’ve ever seen and has a chance to seriously impact the nation’s youth. It’s that good.

As more parents turn to a homeschool setting for their children – what I call the underground education railroad – a curriculum like TIS becomes vital. A site as vast and influential as WorldNetDaily is the perfect word-of-mouth vehicle to alert parents about the terrific benefits of using “Truth in Science” to counter the deadly philosophy of naturalism.

The “Truth in Science” elementary science curriculum represents one of the most innovative and much-needed approaches to the world of science that the Christian community has seen in recent science education. Written on the premise that the Bible is sound in all of its “science” precepts and understanding that the condition of the heart dictates how children will see the world around them, TIS begins with the understanding that worldview affects every aspect of human life. Scientific investigation, while itself a systematic and logical process, is by no means immune to the impact of worldview.

“Truth in Science integrates the best of biblical worldview with the best in science delivery,” Sharp declares. “Since the revival in Christian education (cir. 1960), the delivery of science education among Christian schools (and home schools) has changed very little. The Christian educator still does not arm the pupil with answers to questions affecting their hope (1 Peter 3:15). ‘Truth in Science’ solves this problem.”

Created to be cutting-edge in both current scientific understanding and biblical worldview presentation, the staff that produced TIS is highly qualified for this endeavor. The editor-in-chief is Dr. G. Thomas Sharp, founder and president of Creation Truth Foundation, a nationally known and well respected, biblically based, creation ministry. The content editor is Dr. Charles Jackson, an education specialist and highly respected creation debater.

TIS brings the best of both biblical understanding and scientific expertise. Students will not only be prepared to deal with all the scientific requirements of a college education, but also be well-trained in discerning scientific fact from scientific conjecture.

TIS, however, has not forgotten that the material must be used if it is be effective. Therefore, much thought was put into the formatting of the material for optimum success. Consisting of a teacher’s edition, supporting graphics, standard tests, test keys and a student-initiated workbook for each chapter (the “Student Step” can actually be used by itself), the TIS curriculum materials have been reviewed as being very teacher- and student-friendly. As a bonus for the teacher, the teacher’s edition includes a commentary containing valuable worldview information and suggested tips for each teaching lesson. Furthermore, the teacher’s edition includes a variety of interesting facts, comments and quotes that are pertinent to the lesson material.

“Truth in Science is only for those who desire to educate their sons and daughters in the best of science education that integrates thorough biblical worldview,” enthuses Sharp.

TIS is unique in another way. Whereas in the past, it has been common to take traditional science as taught in the public schools and insert biblical principles where it was deemed necessary, TIS began with the tenets of biblical and scientific creation, as defined by the late Dr. Henry Morris, the father of the modern resurgence of biblical creation. These 16 tenets are the foundation for scientific presentation found in this groundbreaking curriculum.

Much of what is taught in the name of scientific truth today is really a philosophical faith known as materialism. Science can indeed tell us the composition of a rock, but it cannot tell us where the elements that make up that rock came from originally. When that happens, science journeys over into the realm of faith. “Truth in Science” believes your faith should be in the Holy Word of God, not scientific materialism. Again, Sharp realizes the significance of TIS:

“The creationist mandate in Genesis 1:28 indicates that among the CORE (language arts, science, social studies and mathematics), science is the best possible discipline for biblical worldview development,” Sharp claims. “‘Truth in Science’ maximizes Biblical worldview training while maintaining sound science delivery.”

This is good news for discerning educators, especially readers of WND. As the culture moves more into darkness, students with a biblical worldview will be better equipped to navigate the uncertain days ahead.

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