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Bruce Lavallee-Davidson (courtesy Portland Press-Herald)

The “sordid” slaying of a homosexual man by a same-sex-marriage advocate is being suppressed from media lists of the top news stories of 2009 in Maine, a family-rights group is alleging.

The Christian Civic League of Maine is now highlighting the case of Bruce LaVallee-Davidson of Skowhegan, Maine, who is charged with manslaughter in the springtime gun-related death of Fred Wilson of South Portland.

The shooting took place at dawn on April 18, but Davidson, a farmer and former school computer chief failed to notify authorities until about 8 p.m, after which officers found Wilson’s body in his own basement.

Four days after the incident, Davidson and his partner, Buck, were testifying in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage in Maine, an effort that ultimately failed. The pair proclaimed they “were already married in the eyes of God.”

According to the Record, which is published by the Civic League, “Despite the sordid nature of the crime, reports published at the time portrayed Wilson and LaVallee-Davidson as innocent as choirboys. To date, there has been no mention in the mainstream press of what actually happened in the basement of Fred Wilson’s home in South Portland. Indeed, the mainstream press added to the confusion by reporting that the shooting was ‘a kind of Russian Roulette’ gone wrong.”

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Indeed, coverage from the Portland Press-Herald shows William Stokes, Maine’s deputy attorney general, being asked if the homosexual pair were playing Russian Roulette when the .44 caliber handgun was fired.

“Something along those lines,” Stokes told the paper, refusing to be more specific about the evidence or circumstances.

“There was handling of the gun throughout the evening,” he said. “It’s not clear how the gun got loaded.”

“Mr. Davidson pointed a gun at Mr. Wilson and deliberately pulled the trigger, not intending to kill. Believing a gun is not loaded is not enough in our view. It’s a deadly weapon.”

The Record revealed that Wilson was a supporting member of the “Leather Archives and Museum,” an attraction in Chicago dedicated to sadomasochism:

Because of the victim’s connections to the homosexual bondage-and-discipline, sadomasochistic subculture and the location and time of the crime – a Friday night in the basement of Wilson’s house – it is almost certain that the shooter and the victim were engaged in debauchery during the evening, and that LaVallee-Davidson pulled the trigger in a drug and alcohol-induced stupor. This conjecture was confirmed by the unexpected revelation that Wilson was a member of Portland’s Harbor Masters homosexual leather club, a group dedicated to the practice of sadomasochism.

The Record went on to state that perhaps the most troubling aspect of the story was Davidson’s tearful performance at a public hearing as he lobbied for same-sex marriage just four days after he allegedly killed Wilson:

It is highly likely that individuals within the state government and the same-sex marriage movement knew of LaVallee-Davidson’s alleged involvement in the shooting, but took no measures to prevent him from testifying so prominently. In May, a source told the Record that the police who guarded the Civic Center during the hearing knew that LaVallee-Davidson had killed a man four days earlier. The Record subsequently began its own inquiry into finding out who in state government knew that an alleged killer was going to testify in favor of gay marriage.

In November, an attorney for Davidson suggested his client may have been suffering from AIDS-related dementia at the time of the shooting, thus clearing the way for a possible insansity defense.

Frank Lombard

Jury selection for Davidson’s trial is set to begin Jan. 8, 2010, with opening arguments three days later in Cumberland County Superior Court in Portland.

This case of homosexual-related crimes being ignored by the national media is hardly unique.

In July, WND reported how news coverage of Duke University official Frank Lombard, accused of raping his adopted 5-year-old son and offering the child to someone else, omitted the fact that Lombard is a homosexual who lives with another “gay” man.

Also in 2009, reporter George Weber of New York City’s WABC Radio was slain by a sadomasochist he hired through Craigslist.com. The story received coverage in New York, but garnered little attention outside the city.


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