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Bruce Lavallee-Davidson (courtesy Portland Press-Herald)

PORTLAND, Maine – In a case that is pulling back the curtain on the violence of the homosexual lifestyle, a  prosecutor today told a jury here that a high-profile “gay marriage” advocate suspected in the death of another man during a clandestine meeting often used his guns as “sex toys.”

Opening arguments were delivered today in the trial of Bruce Lavallee-Davidson of Skowhegan, Maine, who is accused of manslaughter in the death of a South Portland man who was shot in the head and died instantly.

The case is being watched closely because of the continuing war over homosexual “marriage” in the state. The legislature there adopted provisions for such “unions” earlier, but that decision was rejected by voters who decided in November to overrule their lawmakers.

Mike Hein of the Christian Civic League of Maine told WND the details of the sordid case are so atrocious he believes it effectively will kill plans for “gay marriage” in the state.

The issue is that Lavallee-Davidson, who is on trial for manslaughter for the death of Fred Wilson of South Portland, was testifying with his “partner,” Buck, in favor of legalizing homosexual “marriage” in the state only four days after Wilson’s body was found.

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Lavallee-Davidson and his partner, who was not at the sex party where Wilson died, testified they “were already married in the eyes of God.”

“Not only are the specifics of the trial stunning, salacious, perverted and sick,” said Hein, “this guy, Lavallee-Davidson, literally a few days after he allegedly shot this sadomasochist at a sex party, was the poster boy for Equality Maine,” an organization promoting same-sex marriage in the state..

The charges accuse Lavallee-Davidson of putting a .44 magnum pistol to Wilson’s head and pulling the trigger twice in the early morning hours of April 18, 2009.

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Witness James Pombriant today said Lavallee-Davidson had met Wilson on the Internet and allegedly arranged for the three of them to meet at Wilson’s South Portland house.

Maine Assistant Attorney General Lise Marchese said, “The defendant was a gun collector and he frequently used his guns as sex toys. He attended sex parties even though he had a partner.”

“The men drank beer, smoked pot and used drugs for most of the night.”

Marchese said she wasn’t asking for judgment on the “sex games,” the drugs or the guns.

But, she told the jury, “Guns and drugs are a dangerous combination.”

“This case is about whether it is criminally negligent to put a gun to someone’s head for sex play without checking to see if the gun is loaded,” Marchese said.

In his opening statement, defense counsel Michael Whipple took a different approach by directing the jury’s attention to Wilson.

“Wilson had everything you could ever imagine in terms of sex play, sex toys, and sex games. He devoted time to putting his sex play room together,” Whipple said.

“Fred Wilson was interested in Bruce Davidson’s gun collection. They put guns in each other’s mouths in a sexual way. The guns were used as sex toys,” Whipple said.

“Fred Wilson asked to play [Russian] Roulette and Bruce checked the gun,” Whipple continued.

“I am asking the jury to remember that the burden of proof of negligence in this case is with the prosecution. You the jurors must act on the presumption of innocence,” he said.

Testimony explained Wilson spent a lot of the money he made as a computer programmer on a sex game room in his basement. Maine State Police Detective Bill Ross said the room was 10 by 10 feet, and there were leather pants, leather chaps and “all sorts of sex toys.”

He said investigators also found shotgun shells in the room from a shotgun that “also was used as a sex toy that night.”

Pombriant described the drugs used that night.

“I brought amyl nitrate, a drug you can buy from the U.K. It is legal and it made it through customs. If you mix it in your drink, it gives you a warm sexual feeling and makes you feel mellow,” Pombriant explained.

“There was also ethyl chloride. That gives you a rush of euphoria but it’s also dangerous and can make your heart stop,” he continues. “And we drank lots of beer and smoked pot.”

He described how the guns were used.

“We played with the guns. We put the guns up our a—- and we put them in our mouths. We never shot them,” Pombriant said.

“The guns were put around the room. There was no discussion with me about the guns. We brought out the guns and passed them around. We put them in our mouths,” Pombriant said.

“I never saw the guns loaded or unloaded for the whole evening. Though, we used the shotgun a lot because it was the most sexual,” he continued.

Hein said the “man on the street,” when asked about “gay marriage,” probably doesn’t link violent sex play with loaded weapons with the proposal. The trial’s details, therefore, are a revelation, he said.

In Maine, he said, people are “hopelessly and uniquely antiquated.”

“We’re not New York City. We’re not even Boston,” he said. But “good people are going to get their noses rubbed in the details.”

“This is a peek of what is behind the curtain,” he said. “This is a real defining moment in the gay marriage movement in Maine. This could have national implications.”

The case in Cumberland County, Maine, Superior Court, is expected to last for several days.

The case of homosexual-related crime being ignored by the national media is hardly unique.

In July, WND reported news coverage of Duke University official Frank Lombard, accused of raping his adopted 5-year-old son and offering the child to someone else, omitted the fact that Lombard is a homosexual who lives with another “gay” man.

Also last year, reporter George Weber of New York City’s WABC Radio was slain by a sadomasochist he hired through Craigslist.com. The story received coverage in New York but garnered little attention outside the city.


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