Chief political correspondent Byron York wrote: “This is about the time Barack Obama becomes bored with his job.”

“He’s in his second year as president and he’s discovered that even with all the powers of office, he can’t do everything he wants to do, like remake America. Doing stuff is hard. In the past, prosaic work has held little appeal for Obama, and it’s prompted him to think about moving on.” (“Has Obama become bored with being president?”; The Washington Examiner; Jan. 29)

Perhaps Obama is bored – perhaps he is bored and chafing at having the brakes put on his stated goal of “fundamentally changing America.” Allowing for whichever, we can say that Obama is a narcissist, and greater love hath no man than he hath for himself. Add to his narcissism his arrogance, egotism and the appearance that he alone is worthy. Egotism is a defining component of a person’s personality. It is one’s disposition, and it is neither bendable nor pliable – whereas arrogance is a reflection of one’s core personality, which brings me to the reason for my posit pursuant to Obama’s emotional stability.

I know there are no few who will excoriate me for the mere suggestion of this – so be it. But is it possible we are witnessing the subtle unraveling of Obama?

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Byron wrote: “What Obama wanted was political power, and that is what sent him to Harvard Law School. ‘He was constantly thinking about his path to significance and power,’ another organizer, Mike Kruglik, told me. He said, ‘I need to go there [Harvard] to find out more about power. How do powerful people think? What kind of networks do they have? How do they connect to each other?'”

I believe we are looking at a man who believed that, as president, he would be beyond constraint.

With his newly minted presidential power he expected the world to be his oyster and America to be his pearl to reconstruct as he saw fit. But, he very quickly found the American people would only let themselves be pushed so far. At this point he surely realizes that the world at large won’t bow before him and that the world’s “bad guys” have less respect for him than they had for Clinton. And, he is finding out the hard way that politicians are the last ones you want in your foxhole when you’re under fire.

Obama expected to simply speak things into being, both here and around the world. Instead, he finds himself subjugated on a politically unsustainable island of his making, surrounded by the moral equivalent of myiasis.

Health-care reform was to be the crowning achievement of his first year in office. But after a year of hurled insults by Obama and his minions, others had the last laugh. The only thing he brought back from Copenhagen was a bruised ego that theretofore had led him to believe that just by showing up he would return triumphantly with the 2016 Olympic games for Chicago in hand.

He has suffered growing mistrust and contempt for his policies. After his distasteful State of the Union performance, even liberals – including the New York Times and Dr. Lamont Hill – were critical of him. Eric Michael Dyson has criticized him. He has a perfect record when campaigning for other candidates – three losses, no victories. He is being betrayed by the words from his own mouth. Don’t think for a moment these things haven’t bothered him.

I believe this is in large part his reason for lashing out. Reasonable people may find defeat and/or things not going their way a bitter pill, but they don’t verbally accost and make a public display of Supreme Court justices to their faces – and you certainly do not do it with erroneous facts. It is an especially vulgar display when it comes from a sitting president. He insulted Republicans at their luncheon where he was their guest – insisting they had accused him of Bolshevik plots. To everyone’s surprise, he claimed not to be an ideologue. He is becoming increasingly adroit at blaming everyone else for his political failings. He has routinely been condescending and insulting to voters.

It seems that much of what he says is instantly disproved and/or shown to be Chicago-style verbal thuggery. He is bruised and angry, as evidenced by his recent comments. The American people oppose his agendas at every turn, and still he promises not to retreat from his positions. He, in effect, told an interviewer that ignoring the will of the people will potentially make him a “really good one-term president.”

No one denies that being president falls far short of being an easy job – and as Roosevelt and Nixon proved, it is not a job for those who believe themselves above the people and the laws of the land. Is it possible Obama is fraying around the emotional edges? And if certain people are right in their suspicions – is this the first time?

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