WASHINGTON – First there was the pink-slips campaign in which every member of Congress was put on notice that voting against liberty and responsibility would result in their expulsion from office this November.

Some 9 million pink slips were distributed to all 535 members of the House and Senate – twice causing runs on the nation’s supplies of pink paper and resulting in a sea of pink that would extend across the United States from California to the nation’s capital if laid end to end.

“Apparently that action was too subtle,” said WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah. “Congress didn’t get the message – and continued on with its profligate spending and attacks on freedom.”

So now there’s a dramatic followup plan.

Beginning today, WND is offering readers the opportunity to send exquisitely designed and bound copies of the Constitution to Barack Obama and the leaders of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

For only $9.99, including Fed Ex shipping, you can deliver to Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid copies of the nation’s founding document so they will have no excuses as to the legal limitations on their power.

An accompanying note will also explain how they have already exceeded their constitutional authority and ask them to distribute the extra copies to their colleagues and staffs.

“This is a clear way of stating why you object to their official actions over the last year,” said Farah. “It’s because they are illegitimate. They are rogue actions. They are not just unpopular, they are unauthorized and illegal.”

Farah said it can never hurt to have tens of thousands of extra copies of the Constitution circulating in Washington.

“Apparently, it’s been a long time since most of our elected officials have bothered to open this little book,” he said. “Maybe this will give them something to think about.”

Farah says the campaign represents more than a way for citizens to vent their frustrations over skyrocketing deficits, bailouts of banks and multinational corporations, taxpayer rip-offs, pork-laden budgets and attacks on individual liberty.

“This is a way to focus the public’s attention on the real issue – the strict limits on federal power prescribed in our Constitution,” said Farah. “There’s a fundamental disconnect in Washington and even around the country when it comes to the proper and legitimate role of the federal government in American life. That’s the point. It’s not just a matter of Americans objecting to this piece of legislation or that executive order. It’s time we insist that Washington limit its activities to the enumerated powers of the Constitution and leave the rest to the state and individuals.”

Like it or not, Farah said, Obama is likely to be in office for another three years.

“He may feel insulated from the accountability of this year’s midterm congressional elections,” Farah said. “But he is not insulated from the accountability of the rule of law. He claims to be a constitutional scholar. But a simple layman’s reading of the Constitution illustrates he is either ignorant of its straightforward limits on power or, worse, blindly contemptuous of them.”

Send our leaders copies of the Constitution today!

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