Anderson Cooper, left, and Cheech Marin

“That’s right, I lost to Cheech Marin,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper admitted of his “Jeopardy” appearance, “Cheech of ‘Cheech and Chong’ fame, pot-smoking star of blunt-burning films like ‘Up in Smoke,’ ‘Next Smoke’ and ‘Still Smoking.'”

Cooper has become the third of CNN’s hosts to finish last in an episode of the popular TV game show, continuing the losing streak established by Wolf Blitzer – who fell far behind comedian Andy Richter and “Desperate Housewives” actress Dana Delaney – and Soledad O’Brien – who dropped her match to basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Michael McKean, who played Squiggy’s friend Lenny on TV’s “Laverne and Shirley.”

Cooper, however, appreciated the irony of losing to Marin, a comedian infamous for smoking marijuana.

“Now, I must admit I was even more confident when I heard I was up against Cheech Marin. I admit, I thought his reflexes would be slow, not to mention his synapses,” Cooper told his “Anderson Cooper 360°” audience, “but I was so very, very wrong.”

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Marin finished the match with $10,200, while Cooper and comedienne Aisha Tyler tied with $0 after the “Final Jeopardy” round.

Anderson’s confession, including footage of the game show appearance and an interview with Marin, can be seen below:

Cooper gained some notoriety among tea partiers last year, when he lecherously mocked the movement as “teabagging,” a crude reference to a sexual act, which then gave rise to a new, derogatory term for grassroots political activism.

Cooper defended his “Jeopardy” loss by pointing out that he won on a previous episode, when pitted against CNBC TV host Maria Bartiromo and former Democratic Congressman Kweisi Mfume. But in an interview with Marin following the game show, Cooper confessed his continuing embarrassment at losing to a comedian best known for smoking dope.

“People have been mocking me mercilessly since this thing was aired,” Cooper said.

The comedian responded in jest, “It’s tough when you can’t hit a big-league curveball, man.”

MSNBC host Chris Matthews also suffered “Jeopardy” defeat in a contest last month, but came in second behind former soap-opera and sit-com star Charles Shaughnessy.

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