I have so few words to express the depth of my disgust with the unconstitutional path and passing of Obamacare and the corruption in Congress. So let me just tell you about the storm coming to Washington.

The majority of the Americans have voiced ad nauseam grave concerns with and rejection of Washington’s health-care bills. Like a host of commentators, I myself have written at least a dozen syndicated articles this last year addressing sound objections. And like you, I’ve joined rallies, signed petitions and passed along a plethora of reasonable nonpartisan negative critiques of Obamacare. But, at every turn, Washington has ignored us and demonized our opposition.

Obamacare violates commerce laws by forcing Americans to purchase a product and annihilates the federal government’s 10th Amendment restrictions over states and U.S. citizens – which is why a whopping two-thirds of states across the nation are right now already legally battling whether federal law can trump state laws via Obamacare. Why can’t Washington see the main problem with Obamacare is not its costs, coverage or faulty savings, but that the federal government should not be involved in the health-care business at all! According to the Constitution, such a matter should be left to the states, local communities and citizens.

But that’s history now. One-sixth of our economy’s gross national product will be controlled by the federal government – and we’re supposed to blindly accept that’s not a socialistic tendency. That fact is, despite projected deflated Congressional Budget Office savings, Obamacare will morph and inflate (along with its costs) in the years to come. Has any government program not? As President Obama admitted to Fox’s Brett Baier in his interview with him last week, “Yes, it’s one-sixth of the economy, but we’re not transforming one-sixth of the economy all in one fell swoop.” There are the key words: “all in one fell swoop.”

Mark my words: The terms in this health-care bill eventually will be so far reaching that it will become a major foundation for a fundamentally different America from which will sprout many tentacles that will choke out other freedoms. This is not just a health-care bill, but a metastasizing tool and weapon for all forms of federal intrusion and takeover. Areas that the feds can’t presently cover or control, absence and subtlety in the bill’s language will provide the springboard for their future rule.

But the time for commentary and dialogue is over. The final hour has come.

Our Constitution is on life support, and the federal government is pulling the plug.

Like before an impending death or brewing storm, there’s a hush at the moment, but most of us sense that there’s something very, very wrong on the horizon.

It reminds me of a few years ago, when Dr. James Foster, from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, tackled the question, “Is there really a period of calm before a storm?”

His answer: There definitely is.

Foster noted, “It was recognized long ago that before a severe storm, the air is still and the birds stop singing and go to shelter.”

What’s true with weather is also true with Washington.

Many patriots have stopped singing. Some have gone into hiding. Others are gathering wood as we trudge through this Valley Forge. But all will reawaken and fight for the republic our founders laid down for us.

The gray and black clouds are not governmental control, but masses of American citizens and patriots who will continue to swarm tyranny (Democrat and Republican) until it is squeezed out of our nation, just like it was during the Revolution.

For now, all Washington bureaucrats need to know is this: The forecast for the U.S. Capitol in the upcoming weeks and months is definitely thunderstorms. If you encouraged, affirmed, endorsed or voted for Obamacare in any form, expect a dark cloud to precede your exit as we vote you out of office. We will remember in November. That’s not only a threat – it’s a guarantee.

We, the people, have come to understand the profound wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote to Mrs. John Adams in 1787, “I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.”

Washington: Pack your bags. Run for shelter. The storm is coming.

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