A border watchdog group called The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps announced it is dissolving its corporation today, concerned that Americans have grown so angry over illegal immigration and border drug wars that violence may soon erupt – with American citizens pulling the trigger.

The organization explained it cannot risk the liability and its cause, should someone stray from the MCDC’s law-abiding methods and open fire on the border – an event the group foresees, given the current direction in Washington, D.C.

An email alert sent out by MCDC President Carmen Mercer explains: “I’m afraid that for many citizens, the passing of health care against the will of the people and now indications that Obama will try to pass amnesty may be the straw that will break the spirit, or may be the straw that ignites frustration that we, as an organization, may not be able to manage or contain.”

She continues, “This organization has grown too big for its own good; or rather, the problem has grown too big and serious for us to manage. I predict soon the violence will spill over the border (it already is) and I predict Americans, on their own, will lock, load and do what the feckless cowards in Washington refuse to do.”

For the past nearly eight years, MCDC has trained and organized volunteers to patrol the U.S. border in search of illegal crossings and those that may be trafficking illegal immigrants, drugs, sex slaves or other contraband.

Rather than forcibly confronting those illegally crossing the border, however, MCDC has maintained a strict policy of contacting and informing the U.S. Border Patrol instead. The organization, in essence, serves as a citizen team of additional “eyes” for U.S. law enforcement.

But growing outrage over illegal immigration and drug gang violence, the organization has concluded, is simply growing too hot to handle. Sometime soon, the MCDC predicts, someone will ignore the groups’ peaceable guidelines.

“People are fed up,” Mercer writes, “Many had decided to return to the border who had tired of the sometimes futile watch-and-observe methods. It showed me that people are not willing to be silenced anymore; it also showed me that people will be less likely to follow the rules of engagement in a desperate attempt to stop the criminals who violate our borders every day.

“That is not what we want and we cannot take the responsibility for this,” she concludes.

Mercer clarified that volunteer Minutemen will continue to patrol the border and continue to work on other immigration issues. She told WND that their people are well-trained and committed, but that their work will have to be on their own, as the parent corporation must be dissolved to prevent liability issues.

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