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Members of the Republican Party can, if they move into the majority in Congress this fall as many pundits are forecasting, put a stranglehold on “Obamacare,” President Obama’s nationalization of health care, simply by cutting off the dollars, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

In a Fox News interview on Sean Hannity’s show, Gingrich discussed the thousands of pages of new law signed by Obama this week and what it means for America.

“My predictions is you’re going to get a Republican Congress in 2010 in the election,” the former House speaker said. “They’re going to come in and they’re going to refuse to fund any of these new offices.

“Then in 2012, you get a new president. And I think probably in February of 2013, they repeal the entire bill. Replace the good parts. Because there are some things – out of 2600 pages, there are probably 200 pages that are pretty good,” he said.

Polls show a high level of opposition to Obama’s plan among American people. One recent poll showed 49 percent believe it to be unconstitutional to require under penalty of law that consumers buy health insurance policies approved by the government.

Gingrich said the Obama campaign, however, is bigger than just health care, citing efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to take over the economy through regulation of emissions.

“I think the average American has two feelings. One, that on the thing that matters most right now which is the economy, this administration is just gone. Everything they’re doing makes it worse, not better,” Gingrich said.

“Two, that this administration wants to use power in the rawest possible way, almost like a Chicago machine to fundamentally change America. Even if the American people are opposed.”

Citing approval ratings for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of 11 percent and Senate majority leader Harry Reid of 8 percent, Gingrich noted Richard Nixon’s approval rating was in the 20-percent range when he resigned.

Gingrich also said there’s an “outside chance” a lawsuit against “Obamacare” will be upheld in court.

“Based on a 1992 Supreme Court decision which said that the federal government cannot punish you for failure to do something, I think that there’s an outside chance the suit will hold up. And that … will stop the individual mandate at the federal level,” he said.

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