Joseph Farah addressing national tea party convention
JFarah addressing Nashville convention

WASHINGTON – He caused quite a stir with his nationally televised address to the first Tea Party Nation Convention in Nashville in February.

And he’s going to be back again at the second tea party convention in July in Las Vegas.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, says the message he will bring to this event is even more important than the one that is still buzzing around the Internet on dozens of versions of YouTube videos – being shared in community meetings, tea-party gatherings and with other independent groups of political activists.

“I know I was a controversial speaker in Nashville,” said Farah. “It takes guts for the Tea Party Nation to stand up to all those critics. I appreciate the support of Judson Phillips and his team. This time, I’m going to be offering what I consider to be a beautiful and creative vision for unifying the tea-party movement.”

The event takes place July 15-17 at the Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas.

The theme for the convention is “unity” and joining Tea Party Nation in Las Vegas will be ResistNet, Tea Party Express, the Tea Party Leadership Coalition and the Leadership Tea Party.

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“The National Tea Party Unity Convention will include a number of great speakers as well as breakout sessions to provide activists with some of the best training and networking available,” said convention organizer Phillips.

Joining Farah will be Neal Boortz, nationally syndicated talk-show host; B. Leland Bake, author of “Tea Party Revival: The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn”; David DeGerolamo, one of the founders of North Carolina Freedom; Erika Franzi, chairman of the Asheville Tea PAC and director of the Asheville Tea Party; and Ana Puig, co-chairman of the Kitchen Table Patriots.

The convention includes the first TPN Conservative Film Festival.  The convention will conclude with the Traditional American Concert and Symposium on Saturday evening.

Farah’s address to the first national tea party convention in Nashville can be viewed in four parts, below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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