Last Saturday, a brick bearing the message “stop the right wing” smashed through the window of the Republican Party headquarters in Marion, Ohio. An Obama campaign contributor was arrested last week after threatening to kill Rep. Cantor and his wife because they are Jews. The registered voter in the “Christian militia” arrests turns out to be a Democrat.

Fill in your own incident – the real dangerous political violence in America is coming from the Obamanite left.

Be warned. The Obama regime considers opposition to its long march to “transform America” illegitimate and a fair target for government retaliation and violent retribution.

You can tell this is true not only from the spreading incidences of such violence, but also from the frantic propaganda assault by the government-controlled media claiming that the violence is actually coming from conservative opponents to the Obamanite agenda. Read your Alinsky. “Community organizers” are taught to accuse your enemies of using the dastardly tactics you are using on them.

In Sunday’s New York Times, the tea-party movement is compared to the violent Weather Underground of the 1960s. A recent picture of a peaceful tea-party protest is placed side by side with a black-and-white file photo of violent Weather Underground radicals – and guess who’s in that picture? None other than bomber Bill Ayers himself.

So, the newspaper of record for the Obamanite left wants you to believe that peacefully standing up for the restoration of the Constitution and for the return to an opportunity society and a free-market economy is the equivalent of bombing the Pentagon to help America’s enemies win the Vietnam War.

We’ve been through this “left slimes conservatives to cover up its own violent tactics” before.

In the book “Harvest of Rage,” subtitled “Why Oklahoma City is only the Beginning,” author Joel Dyer blamed Reagan for the desperation of farmers in the ’80s which caused Timothy McVeigh’s bombing and, says the author, will inspire many more returning disgruntled right-wing veterans to similar violence. Really Joel?

At the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton publicly blamed Rush Limbaugh and talk radio for the climate of violence that led to McVeigh, ignoring and suppressing all contrary evidence of McVeigh’s ties to radical Islam.

This false template lives on in the Obama regime.

In April 2009, I publicly released a leaked copy of a secret “threat assessment” sent by the Department of Homeland Security to local law enforcement which described opposition to government policies on gun control, abortion and illegal-alien amnesty as “right-wing extremism” and asked local cops to “scrutinize” such opposition particularly “returning veterans.”

Even though Janet Napolitano apologized for and withdrew the “threat assessment,” the marginalizing and demonizing of opposition to Obama regime policies continues.

When the tea-party protesters showed up at the Capitol building in D.C. for the final vote on the corrupt health insurance “reform” bill (do as we say, not as we do), the Democrat House leadership walked through the crowd with cameras blazing, hoping to provoke a reaction that would fit the “right-wing violence” meme.

The government-run media ran a riot of reports of the crowd shouting the “N-word” at black congressmen and that one of these “civil rights heroes” was spat upon – even though not one of those cameras caught a single “N-word” and the congressman “spat upon” could not identify his attacker and later denied the story.

The recent “Christian militia” arrests featured neither “Christians” nor a “militia” – but did include an FBI agent provocateur who wanted to teach the group of deluded misfits (including the Democrat voter) how to make bombs.

Worse, the Obama regime uses the power of the federal government to support political allies and silence or discredit critical voices.

The “stimulus” bill has been revealed as the Democrat re-election bribe fund I always suspected it was. A recent analysis of funding shows that a greater proportion of this money “stimulated” the districts of incumbent Democratic members of Congress.

The auto industry bailout prominently featured the forced closing of those GM and Chrysler dealerships, which (by coincidence, I’m sure) happened to be owned by Republicans.

And, not only does the new health-insurance “reform” contain authorization for a new domestic uniformed armed force, but also tasks the IRS with enforcement and authorizes hiring up to 16,500 new IRS agents.

Under the “reform,” the new National Medical Device Registry (toothbrushes to artificial joints must be “registered”) is authorized to conduct “post market device surveillance activities on implantable medical devices.”

The left has gone silent about civil liberties, too. Given the drumbeat of criticism of the Patriot Act, why is the left now silent about the Obama argument to the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that government agents should be allowed to track U.S. citizens through their cell phones without the need for a warrant because Americans have “no reasonable expectation of privacy” when using a cell phone?

Get ready folks. As the U.S. Navy Seals say, “The only easy day was yesterday.” Ahead lies a long, hot summer.

The Obama regime will attempt to stuff the ballot box in this year’s elections with amnestied illegal aliens (undocumented Democrats) herded by reconstituted ACORN shock troops emboldened by loosened voter registration standards in the states.

Patriots opposing Obama’s push to stuff the rest of his agenda down the country’s throat can expect the full force of government pushback. The tipping point is here.

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