Our pink slips tripled the size of the Washington Monument. We walked through the threatening thugs at the town halls and tea parties. We’ve picketed and we’ve protested. Even electing a Republican to the seat held by Ted Kennedy didn’t stop the most lethal legislation from becoming law.

Unless our judges answer the cry of the Constitution from 80 percent of America’s states that are challenging this draconian federal mandate, brace yourself for: government-run health care with rationing, euthanasia, tax-funded abortion, home visits by government officials to oversee childbearing, microchips implanted in people, IRS control and a private army to act against American citizens at Obama’s beck and call imposed on all of America (with the exception of Barack Obama and those in Congress who voted for it and the staffers who drafted it).

It’s all in there. And it’s just the start. Obama now controls insurance, banks, the auto industry, student loans … and now our very lives. As Rep. Michele Bachmann recently said on my Faith2Action radio program, the government now owns 51 percent of the private sector. In a year and a half, Obama has accomplished nearly all of his Marxist goals.

Be warned: The government that already controls access to the care you need to save your life has as its next target, already in its sites, the power to control your home’s heat and your freedom to travel – all under the coldest “global warming” threat ever manufactured.

After that, be looking for a food shortage – another crisis you can rest assured Obama won’t let go to waste. What happens when the government steps in to “rescue” the food industry? I would suggest you ask the survivors of such occurrences in Russia and Germany, but most all of them aren’t around, of course. They were starved to death.

In World War II, we faced the National Socialist Party in Germany. Now we face it at home. But, the elections are still seven long months away. What can we do?

The most important action step of all is something we haven’t yet tried. It also happens to be the most powerful. Something we should have thought of a long time ago.

It’s time to gather at our nation’s capital – but not to impress anyone in Washington or to cater to a collaborating press. We’re going to our nation’s capital to have a meeting with … God. Yes, God – whom our nation is under, as we say in the Pledge. The God in whom we trust, as our national motto declares on our devalued dollar.

But there is a remnant for whom that is still true, and that repentant remnant will be gathering together on Saturday, May 1 – May Day – to cry to God for our nation in our distress. We’ll be at the Lincoln Memorial beginning at sunrise (6:10 a.m.) to repent of our many sins, which have brought us to this point. When you go to the www.MayDay2010.org website, you’ll see it is not a time for speeches. This solemn assembly will be to repent for our sins in every sphere of influence while inviting God back into every corner of our culture.

The way America has treated Israel is just another of those sins for which we need to repent as we gather at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1. It was front-page news in the Jerusalem Post on Friday: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be getting a delivery of, now, more than 12,000 yellow friendship roses with a message that Americans stand with Israel. You can order yours for the symbolic price of just $19.48 from Faith2Action’s website: www.f2a.org. While we value our friendship with our strongest ally in the Middle East, standing with Israel is also a sweet aroma to God. In fact, everything we do on May Day is focused on pleasing God at a time when we have greatly offended Him in so many ways.

Go to www.MayDay2010.org see the video and hear the message from Dr. James Dobson. Click on the “bus icon” and find out what busses are already scheduled, or call 800-369-4986 to schedule your own bus. Rent a van, load up your car – whatever you need to do to be there, do it. Then, let God know you’re serious; join us in fasting from something until the first of May.

Download this flyer and send it to your e-mail lists and Facebook friends. Then send them what leaders have to say about May Day, including Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., who said: “In 1863, Abraham Lincoln lamented that America had ‘become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!’ As our nation faces many grave challenges, I hope Americans will heed Lincoln’s challenge and come together in prayer at this important event.”

Get your May Day Buttons and order your yellow roses to stand with Israel. A portion of each will go toward the May Day expenses. Put your faith to action by making an additional donation when your order. You can also print out this bulletin insert for your church! Then, call other churches in your city to join you in a missions trip for America! Call the May Day number to RSVP and volunteer for the event that just might be what God will use to rescue us from our peril: 405-796-PRAY.

We have tried everything except what God said to do: gathering together before God to repent of the sins that have brought us to this point of distress. It is the most important and most effective action step we have left. It’s been here all along – we were just too busy to do it. Join those who will stand in the gap for America at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1 – May Day – because a repentant remnant who will humble themselves before Almighty God is not only our best hope, it is our only hope.

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