“Is there any limit to the poisonous, inflammatory rhetoric that is allowed on Fox News?” fumed left-leaning bloggers following “How Evil Works” author David Kupelian’s appearance on Sean Hannity’s popular primetime Fox News show.

“Not so long as it’s directed against a Democrat or the left, it would seem,” charged the anti-Fox News Newshounds site. “Last night (4/5/10), on the ‘Great American Panel’ segment on Hannity, WorldNetDaily’s David Kupelian said, ‘We’re looking at an attempted socialist coup d’etat in Washington, D.C. … the thing about Barack Obama, here’s a guy who has been steeped in Marxist ideology for the past 30 years.”

At which point Kupelian was challenged angrily by Democrat pundit Bob Beckel, who compared Kupelian to Joe McCarthy and demanded he apologize to Obama.

The author of the culture-war classic “The Marketing of Evil” and its just-released blockbuster sequel, “How Evil Works,”
Kupelian and Beckel clashed over Kupelian’s allegation that Obama is a socialist who has been “steeped in Marxist ideology” for most of his life:

During the second segment’s discussion of celebrity narcissism, Tiger Woods and a newly released study concluding the Clinton-Lewinsky affair popularized oral sex with young people, Kupelian said, “I believe Bill Clinton corrupted a whole generation of young people. … The message was this: The kids of America were saying, ‘If it is good enough for the president of the United States, it is OK for me. And – it’s not sex. ‘”

“How Evil Works” was introduced to the nation in February by Hannity, who told his audience at the time, “This is a powerful book … I couldn’t put it down.”

Hannity’s assessment of “How Evil Works” mirrors that of others, including legendary radio talk-show host Barry Farber, who said: “With the unapologetic outrage of a saint and the fearless fury of a General Patton, here comes David Kupelian turning a blowtorch of good upon the putrid cobwebs of evil. Do you remember removing the back of a clock to look into the workings? In ‘How Evil Works,’ Kupelian lets us look directly into evil itself. There it is – every tick, every tock, every trick, every shock. Kupelian doesn’t rest with ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant.’ He prefers the scorch-light.”

Chuck Norris praises “How Evil Works” in his column “I believe in the resurrection of America,” saying: “David Kupelian, in his new insightful treatise on what truly lurks behind the troubles in government and America, ‘How Evil Works,’ notes that we’ve been “seduced” to believe that “‘the self-evident truths’’ the founders relied upon are just outdated and dangerous myths.” “No wonder,” Kupelian says, “millions of Americans have gradually been demoralized into depending upon government to solve all of their problems, fueling today’s uncontrolled, cancer-like growth in government.”

No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., says: “‘How Evil Works’ is fresh, original, and startlingly insightful. David Kupelian reveals the hidden mechanisms that allow lies and deception to take root in modern America. A truly important book.”

And WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah, in his review of “How Evil Works,” says: Read this book. Share it with your friends. Bring it to the attention of your family members. I promise you it will embolden your faith, strengthen your worldview and prepare you for the challenges that evil will confront you with throughout your life.

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