“Apart from Henry Ford’s popularization of the automobile, it has been the most successful American revolution since Paul Revere’s ride.”

That’s how media baron Lord Conrad Black described the rise of Fox News and conservative talk radio, as he blasted the mainstream media for its inept reporting on so many issues.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and others, he wrote, “evoke and express the anger and disillusionment of tens of millions of otherwise mainly reasonable Americans.”

Yet instead of learning from their rivals, traditional media outlets remain stubbornly “unpatriotic, overindulgent of the welfare-depended and of antagonistic foreigners and scornful of civic, religious and cultural traditions embraced by the majority of Americans.”

Rush Limbaugh

The winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced this week, but Rush Limbaugh said that one deserving young journalist had been overlooked.

“Jason Mattera would have gotten a Pulitzer today if Barney Frank were a Republican,” Rush declared on Tuesday.

Mattera specializes in ambushing members of Congress and grilling them on camera. Rush singled out Mattera’s recent “interview” with Barney Frank for particular praise:

On Monday, Rush highlighted the plight of a Florida woman who was denied cancer treatment under Medicaid. Sure enough, on Tuesday, Limbaugh announced that the publicity he’d helped generate about her case caused Medicaid to change its mind.

Said Rush on the air: “So it all worked out exactly as we knew it would work out here yesterday, after making the story one of national significance. By the way, she is a leukemia victim. We have our annual Cure-A-Thon 20th anniversary this Friday, the annual radiothon. We do the Cure-A-Thon to find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma.”

Sean Hannity

Hannity gave two talk-radio colleagues a plug on his TV show this week. Guests Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey (aka “Rick & Bubba”) offered such an impressive explanation of what the tea parties are all about that Hannity asked his audience, “Would you vote for them for president?”

The three men also discussed the ongoing attempt to “demonize talk radio.”

The tour for Hannity’s new book “Conservative Victory” entered its third week, with Sean declaring that “deep in the crevasses of my solar plexus I feel we’re going to take our country back.”

P.S.: The official “Conservative Victory” theme song is a special Sean Hannity version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “This Ain’t My America” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Michael Savage raised the provocative issue of demographics and falling birthrates this week: “What could be more threatening to your survival than the demise of your entire race?” (FREE audio).

He also cited Bible prophecies about the grisly fate that awaits those who “make war on Jerusalem” (FREE audio).

Discover more of what lies in store with “Prophecies for the Era of Muslim Terror: A Torah Perspective on World Events”

Savage went on to mock the media’s obsession with Sarah Palin and her financial success, wondering why journalists are more concerned about Palin’s preference for flying first-class than with Nancy Pelosi’s habit of traveling in military jets (at taxpayer expense, of course).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin got a sneak preview of a story scheduled to run on the first page of The New York Times, which revealed that Obama was planning to shift America’s traditional support of Israel to a more “balanced” view of the Middle East. Levin declared that Obama hates Israel “and always has” (FREE audio).

Also this week, Levin called on Republicans in Congress to filibuster Obama’s nominees to the Supreme Court, even though he believes filibusters of judicial nominees are unconstitutional (FREE audio).

The reason: Levin is convinced that Obama will choose a judge who will help him impose dictatorial control over American lives.

When it comes to the GOP leadership, however, Levin isn’t a fan of either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney; as for Sarah Palin, Levin is certain she won’t run for president in 2012 (FREE audio).

G. Gordon Liddy

Is it a crime to drink your coffee naked? It’s a question you won’t hear on any other radio program but the G. Gordon Liddy show!

Also this week, Liddy discussed the latest gun cases before the courts with Second Amendment expert John Lott, celebrated the release of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new novel, “The Shroud Codex,” and talked to WND’s Andrea Shea King about those Tax Day tea-party protests.

Not surprisingly, Liddy was particularly interested in news that the “Watergate tapes” are for sale. Every episode of Liddy’s radio show can be downloaded FREE at his online archives.

Laura Ingraham

Only on Laura Ingraham’s show can you enjoy hearing Christopher Hitchens’ brother, ultraconservative columnist Peter Hitchens, dissect the former’s rabid hatred of the Catholic Church.

Ingraham also analyzed Attorney General Eric Holder’s troubling comments on the future of Gitmo, and revealed that Planned Parenthood “is selling abortions.” The week was rounded out by a visit from Dick Morris, who talked about his new book “2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan” (FREE audio).

Hugh Hewitt

Almost buried under reports of national tea-party protests was South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s tone-deaf declaration in support of cap-and-trade legislation. Mark Steyn told Hugh Hewitt on Thursday that it simply showed how out of touch the Beltway GOP is with the electorate, and the world:

“The moment has passed for global warming. And this reminds me of one of the most unattractive features about Republicans, is that when they try to be modish and cool, they’re always slightly out of step,” Hewitt said. “Lindsey Graham getting hot for cap and trade is like watching your parents do the twist. It’s embarrassing, and it isn’t half as hip as they think it is.”

Glenn Beck

Listeners were shaking their heads this week after Beck made some odd remarks about journalist Christiane Amanpour, his former colleague at Headline News. He joked that he knew where Amanpour was at all times because he’d shot a kind of GPS tracking chip into the back of her neck in the Headline News cafeteria. Even Beck’s in-studio crew seemed baffled (FREE audio).

After attacking Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., last week as a “progressive” (based on a single obscure blog post), Beck had Ryan on the show to explain himself and quickly realized they shared many of the same ideals.

It’s come to this: Newsweek printed an obsessive article about why the media is obsessed with Glenn Beck. It was a juvenile, petty and unfunny piece, and some would say it merely brought a once respectable magazine down to the level of its intended target.

And now, on the left side of the dial …

For some reason, disgraced man of the cloth Reverend Al Sharpton still has a radio show, and the few listeners who tune in certainly hear some surprising things.

On Tuesday, Sharpton and his guest bashed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who they deemed wasn’t an “authentic” black man (FREE audio).

A black caller named “Nathan,” however, phoned in and blasted Sharpton’s guest host Dr. Ron Daniels in a memorable exchange.

“Al Sharpton has no credibility and you either,” Nathan fumed. “You have no credibility ’cause you’re cheerleaders for Obama. You’re a total disgrace.”

As far as Nathan was concerned, Obama isn’t progressive enough.

“If racism can be the only genuine motive for opposing Obama,” asked Radio Equalizer’s Brian Maloney, “how does the state-run media process this clear trend?”

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