As I have said many times, I don’t know if Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president.

And the truth is, not many people do.

A recent CBS–New York Times Poll showing only 58 percent of Americans believe Obama was born in the USA makes the point.

When 58 percent of Americans think the president was born in America, you know Obama has a credibility problem – especially given the fact than 99.9 percent of the media has not only promoted the idea there is no question but ridiculed those who point out there is no evidence to support the idea.

Meanwhile, to cover the bases, state legislatures are adopting laws to prevent this kind of fiasco in the future – ensuring that in future elections presidential candidates are forced to prove they are constitutionally eligible, something that did not occur in 2008 with the Democratic nominee.

That means, as I have pointed out, if Obama seeks re-election, he will be required to prove he is qualified as a “natural born citizen.”

What if he can’t?

If he can’t, he may not be able to seek re-election.

That would be quite a big story.

But it might be more than that.

If Obama doesn’t seek re-election, might a newly reconstituted Congress call for an investigation to determine whether he was ever eligible to serve?

If it turns out he was not, every action Obama took during his term in office – from the signing of the health-care bill to his executive orders to his takeover of General Motors – will be null and void.

It’s difficult even to imagine how the genie could be put in the bottle. To say the courts will be busy would be an understatement.

But might there be other ramifications?

Would Obama face charges?

While I might not know Obama’s actual status, certainly he does. If it turns out he defrauded the entire nation, what would be the penalty?

And how about others who aided and abetted him in such a scam?

What about Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker who, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2008, affirmed his eligibility – the only elected official who actually did so following the Democratic National Convention in Denver? Would she be subject to charges?

What about Obama’s high-priced law firm – Sidley Austin? Would it get off scot-free? Or could it face serious sanctions?

Might those who covered for Obama actually be subject to the most serious charge of all – treason?

There are three definitions of treason in my dictionary:

  • the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

  • a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

  • the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

We normally think of the first definition when we think about the word. But the second and third definitions would certainly apply to anyone who deliberately assisted in a violation of the Constitution with such far-reaching ramifications.

A few months ago, most people doubted we would ever find out the truth about Obama.

Today, it seems inevitable that we will.

As I predicted, at the very least, we will learn whether Obama is indeed a “natural born citizen” eligible to serve as president in 2012.

There may be subterfuge to obscure the truth. But we will find out sooner rather than later.

And when we do, there are going to be many people running for cover. Obama didn’t make it as far as he did without help.

Might some of those people see the handwriting on the wall before 2012 and seek to limit the damage – to both the country and to themselves?

It’s going to be an interesting two years.

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