This administration has already grabbed control of more than half of the private sector and our life-and-death health-care decisions. They are aiming to take charge of our energy and full control of our airwaves and the Internet. If they are not stopped, they will destroy America and put a free people in servitude to government oppression.

All the protests we could muster went unheeded because when they control all three branches of government, they don’t have to listen to us. So what can be done?

We gathered in a solemn assembly on May Day and repented for eight hours – appealing to God’s mercy and His hand of rescue. That first action step was just the start, but it was a good start.

The second action step is to do everything we can for the next six months to make sure these tyrants don’t return to power in November. But how do we do that? The power of grass-roots activism: It is not new, but it is essential. For the right people to get into office, we the people must knock on doors, distribute voter’s guides, get on the phone, write checks, pound in yard signs and deliver the vote. But that action step is also just a start.

I propose a third action step to turn up the volume of what’s at stake. It’s unorthodox. It’s unconventional. And its groundbreaking because it’s never been done.

What if we combined the power of activism with the power of film?

We all know the power of film. The movie “Fireproof” actually saved marriages. The pro-life movie “Bella” actually saved lives.

“True 2 Life” the movie combines the power of film with the necessity of activism.

What’s it about?

The true story

Of an ordinary girl

On the mission of her life

Who fell in love with the son

Of her greatest obstacle.

Find out more at Here’s what people are already saying about “True 2 Life” the movie:

“A riveting film about an event that sent shock waves throughout America and the world. It will save lives. It can change history.”

– Dr. Jack Willke

President, International Right to Life Federation

Past president, National Right to Life Committee

“The spark to ignite our nation to victory!”

– Dr. Don Wildmon

American Family Association

“Hold on for a wild ride that will take you all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!”

– Mat Staver

Founder and chairman, Liberty Counsel

Dean, Liberty University School of Law

“This is not your father’s pro-life movie.”

–Brad Mattes

Executive director, Life Issues Institute

“Bella on Steroids … with a call to action. Expect to be inspired.”

– Troy Newman

President, Operation Rescue

“Who says that one person can’t make a difference? Experience the excitement and drama … and be inspired to do likewise!

–Steve Bowman

Georgia Right to Life

“The tipping point to end abortion in America.”

–Cindy Jacobs

Generals International

“Come for the romantic comedy; leave inspired to take on the world and fulfill your destiny.”

–Jerry Newcombe

Co-host of the “Coral Ridge Hour”

“You’ll laugh & you’ll cry at the ups and downs of a single girl who has devoted her life to something bigger than herself.”

–Lori Viars

Executive director, Family First

“The story of a woman who heard the cry of the unborn.”

–Janet Pratt

Intercessory prayer leader

“The film Hollywood and the National Abortion Rights Action League don’t want you to see.”

–Gary Glenn

American Family Association of Michigan

“True2Life” in theaters fall 2010 … with your help.

To have the film in theaters by October to use as a springboard for the elections, we need to hear from serious investors who want to partner with us. The budget is $2.5 million. The good news is, we’ve just heard from the investor who put in the first $200,000!

“True2Life” the movie is aimed at activism. If you make it, they will come – and they will act! At a time when our nation needs it most.

If you have the vision and want to provide the springboard to action, let our executive producer, Jim Walchle, know at [email protected] or write us at by the end of the week.

If God has blessed you financially, now’s the time to invest it before this Congress takes it from you – along with your freedoms! The third action step: because life, our nation and our freedoms are too important not to do everything we can to win them back.

See movie’s trailer.

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