Dr. G. Thomas Sharp, founder and president of Creation Truth Foundation, is on a mission to educate the public on the importance of worldview, a concept that affects every aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

“Doc” has been at this a long time; he’s a nationally-known speaker, and his events almost always incorporate one of the most impressive private collections of dinosaur skeletons around.

His latest book, “Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs” takes an in-depth look at the concepts of evolution presented on a daily basis as fact. Those concepts, however, are not only questionable, but are also often downright lies and represent an aggressive agenda on the part of the so-called “scientific” world.

Even Darwin, the recognized Big Daddy of Evolution, knew there were giant holes in his theory. He stated that the discovery of transitional fossils would surely be discovered in the future. In the years since Darwin, not one transitional fossil has been found, despite the huge number of new fossils found daily.

That definitely presented a problem for evolutionists, whom promptly came up with an answer: “There was no gradual evolution.”

In fact, Stephen Jay Gould came up with his theory of punctuated equilibrium, which states that the changes necessary for evolution happened suddenly.

Along with Francis Crick’s assertion that aliens seeded Earth with organisms that later evolved, Gould’s theory surely ranks as one of history’s goofiest speculations. And this is precisely where Dr. Sharp is so good; he recognizes that we all believe certain things because of our worldview. If one’s presupposition demands that evolution is reality, then one will “find” the evidence to back up the claim. Conversely, if one believes the Bible is true, then the evidence for special creation is overwhelming.

One of the things that makes “Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs” so effective and good is Doc’s discernment into the importance of worldview.

For example, it is quite interesting to note that the famed long ages necessary for evolution to have taken place incubated in the minds of Bible-haters like Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Thomas Huxley, Charles Lyell and James Hutton. Isn’t it fascinating that originally, those who rejected the Genesis accounts of origins speculated that Earth was hundreds of thousands of years old; now of course, modern evolutionists push that out to billions of years.

Yet during the Enlightenment, men who subtly wanted to undermine belief in the Genesis flood simply looked at rock strata and determined that it must be “old.”

Species appeared all at once, and then died all at once. To a student of the Bible that doesn’t present a problem. God created all creatures according to the book of Genesis. Because of the sin of the world He also destroyed all except Noah and the inhabitants of his ark.

The evolutionist, however, clings to faith in a naturalist religion he calls “science,” one that holds fast to denial of a supernatural Creator.

Dr. Sharp has some of the most intensely researched information available today pertaining to this false science. His book is well-documented with facts, not opinions or fantasies. He has gone to the top scientists in the evolution camp as well as Christian scientists (yes, they do exist!).

Sharp sets the tone right at the beginning (pun intended): “The dinosaur story, as told today in the classical evolutionary context, is among the top two or three conditioning tools effectively used to dissuade Christian youth against biblical faith. This is particularly true for those between the ages of three and ten years. Throughout the western world, billions of public and private dollars are spent annually to both sustain the ‘dumbing-down’ conclusions of this story, and to create new ways to tell it!”

Another element that adds to this book’s value is the fact that Sharp blends discussions of hard science – the Cambrian Explosion, problems with extinction, and living and index fossils – but he also asks the hard, philosophical questions, such as, “What if there was a global flood?”

You see, Doc’s career prior to entering the ministry full-time was in an education background (bachelor of science from Purdue); it was there he noticed, decades ago, a dramatic shift in the attitudes of children. He concluded that one could track evolutionary thought and youth rebellion, and that they ran on parallel tracks.

Some of the subjects included in this fascinating book include how we can spot false science and why we can trust the Bible in every single chapter, including the Genesis account of creation. Sharp goes into a fascinating study of the geological age system as well as the global flood. The book contains a beautiful photo gallery of fossils that will help the reader understand the concepts presented in the content of the book.

The dinosaur is perhaps the most fascinating creature associated with the world as it once was. Dr. Sharp has devoted a massive amount of information around this subject, including the question “Could dinosaurs be alive today?”

Before you say, “Of course not!” it would be wise to get the book and read his presentation.

Chapter 16: “The Five Dinosaur Answers” is worth the price of the book. For example, the word for dinosaur is presented 25 times in the Bible! Isn’t that intriguing? It also covers that age-old question of “How were dinosaurs put on Noah’s Ark?”

Thanks to “Rocks, Fossils, and Dinosaurs,” Christians can now arm themselves with credible knowledge to withstand the questions that are certain to come from those who oppose a Christian worldview.

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