At least one of the hosts of ABC television’s “The View” appears to be a fan of columnist Chuck Norris’ weekly commentary.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of the daytime talk show, quoted Norris’ latest column, “Our founders’ solutions for illegal immigration,” a piece first published on WND.

Hasselbeck (right) mentions Chuck Norris column during discussion with co-hosts about border security and Arizona law.

Hasselbeck was speaking about illegal immigration and the new law in Arizona on Tuesday’s show.

“This whole thing really came about because Arizona is like this little teenage kid who feels like, ‘No one did this for me. I’m going to try to do it for myself. I don’t feel safe, so I’m going to try to protect myself. The federal government didn’t do it, and I’m going to try,'” she said. “The fact of the matter is, Chuck Norris put it really well today if you read his article. He said, ‘How are we able to secure the borders in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not secure our own as a government?’ What the heck?!”

The audience reacted to her statement with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

ABC has posted the episode on its website, and Hasselbeck’s comment can be heard after the 9:30 mark.

“The federal government has miserably failed to produce a viable solution to the illegal immigrant crisis. Amnesty is not the answer. And immigration laws aren’t effective if we continue to dodge or ignore them,” Norris argued in Part 1 of a two-part series on illegal immigration. “Furthermore, globalization efforts have only confused security matters, further endangering our borders as well as our national identity – our sovereignty. And the question that keeps coming to my mind is: How is it that we can secure borders in the Middle East, but we can’t secure our own?”

Norris, a martial-arts master, actor, political activist and columnist, is author of “Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America.” He shares a strategy to reawaken America to its founders’ vision in his new YouTube patriot
service announcement.

WND features the extended and exclusive version of Norris’ column every Monday.

“It’s great to see such great patriots like host Elisabeth Hasselbeck and others in the audience of ‘The View’ who are unashamed to stand up for their country and the security of our national borders and sovereignty,” Norris told WND today in response to the segment. “The question still stands: Why are we able to secure others’ borders in the Middle East over a few years’ time, but we can’t secure our own over decades?”

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