James Manning

NEW YORK – The controversial Harlem pastor who led a days-long “trial” of President Obama says the resulting “guilty” verdict and corroborating evidence will now be turned over to appropriate authorities, congressional and otherwise.

The event was held at Atlah World Missionary Church over the past few days, and its pastor, James Manning, claimed it to be the first “legal verdict” against Obama since he took office.

Focusing on allegations regarding Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen” of the United States as well as the allegedly illegal “award” of a diploma from Columbia University, Manning insists new legal ground was broken.

The activist pastor says that under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, citizens can legally hold a trial and arrive at a verdict, with the results turned over to appropriate government bodies for enforcement.

Manning claims the fact that the Secret Service, charged with protecting the president and investigating threats, allowed the “trial” to take place constitutes evidence it was legitimate.

“If the trial did not have legal standing, then why did the federal or city authorities not intervene to halt [the proceeding]?” he said. “We did not hide the trial, in fact we did our best to promote it. So if the authorities had any problems why did they not act?”

Not only was there no government interference during or after the trial, Manning boasts the NYPD had officers in the neighborhood to protect the church when the trial was under way.

Coincidentally, Obama was less than 4 miles away at a Democratic Party fundraiser in mid-town Manhattan the night before the 5-day trial began May 14.

Just four blocks from the church that hosted the Obama trial stands the Harlem office of former President Bill Clinton.

Ironically, the conservative Manning heaped praise on the 42nd president: “He was (and still is) a friend of the Harlem community. He and Hillary did a lot of good things here and for that we thank them.”

Now that the Obama trial is over, Manning said, he will pass on the verdict and the evidence presented to the appropriate congressional authorities for their own “review.”

“Just like a civilian who witnessed a crime, we will report our findings to Congress. … Let’s see what they do,” he said.

Regarding Manning’s allegation that Obama never actually attended Columbia, the New York times blogged mockingly:

“When we asked a Columbia spokesman whether the president did in fact attend the school, he replied, ‘We’re not commenting on the Reverend Manning or the trial.’ Denial or confirmation? You decide.”

Manning, undeterred, says, “The ball is their (Congress’) court. The verdict is in, the trial is over.

“Of course they (Congress) will try and ignore it and hope I will go away. .. but anyone who knows me knows I will not go away.”

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