WASHINGTON – It’s time for the public to demand an independent counsel investigation of “Sestak-gate” and its cover-up, says WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah, who is launching an online petition campaign to give the American people an opportunity to make their voices heard on the alleged bribery attempt by Barack Obama’s White House.

“Somebody’s lying,” says Farah. “It’s either the Democratic nominee for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania or it’s Barack Obama. It’s time for the American people to find out the truth. The only way that can happen is for an independent, non-partisan investigation with full subpoena power and testimony under oath.”

Rep. Sestak Addresses The Media Regarding Being Approached By Bill Clinton

Joe Sestak is the Pennsylvania congressman who decided to challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in his first bid to be elected to his office as a Democrat. Sestak won the race – but not before repeatedly charging he had been offered a “high-ranking federal job” to bow out of the race.

He first made the allegation 10 weeks ago – but the White House issued its first statement on the scandal last Friday.

It hardly answered the questions raised by Sestak’s charges, says Farah.

“If Sestak is telling the truth, an impeachable offense has been committed by Obama,” said Farah. “If Sestak is lying, the voters of Pennsylvania need to know that so they don’t send a liar to the U.S. Senate. It’s as simple as that. The only way to find out the truth is for an independent counsel to sort it out. No more stonewalling. No more press conferences. No more meetings behind closed doors to ensure everyone has their story straight.”

The White House claimed it had no direct contact with Sestak about bowing out of the race, but dispatched Bill Clinton to persuade him with offers of a non-paying advisory position.

“Again, that’s just not the same story told by Sestak,” says Farah. “And this is hardly the first time the Obama administration has been accused of this kind of bribery. We can’t trust the Obama administration to investigate itself. The only answer is a public uproar demanding an independent counsel.”

Sign the petition today to demand an independent counsel appointment in the Sestak affair.


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