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U.S. debt has hit 90 percent of gross domestic product, or GDP, the level at which economic growth traditionally begins to slow, Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports.

“What is frightening is that U.S. debt is rapidly beginning to approach the same percent of GDP that has plagued European Union countries like Greece, with the same likely results – fiscal bankruptcy that requires continued borrowing for the government to remain in business and the risk of default that demands risk premiums to be paid for the borrowing needed to pay for the ever-expanding social welfare state,” Corsi wrote.

“Debt can get you in trouble,” writes Bill Gross, the same man at Pimco who admits to being responsible for lending to governments and business what amounts to around $1 trillion in debt.

In a commentary published on the Pimco website, Gross warned that total credit market debt, including government, corporate and personal debt, was reaching 360 percent of GDP, a clearly unsustainable level.

“Granted, sovereign debtor nations are now saying all the right things and in some cases enacting legislation that promises to halt debt burdens,” he observed. “Not only Greece and the southern European peripherals, but France, the U.K., Japan and even the U.S. are sounding alarms that might eventually move them toward less imbalanced budgets and lower deficits as a percentage of GDP.”

Yet, Gross is worried that it may be too little, too late.

“Still, credit and equity market vigilantes are wondering if in many cases sovereigns haven’t already gone too far and that the only way out might be via default or the more politely used phrase of ‘restructuring.'”

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