Helen Thomas & Barack Obama
Birds of a feather?

I worked for the Hearst Corp. for a long time – almost 10 years.

Therefore, I have some really important and good advice for my old employer and any colleagues who might still be around.

Get rid of Helen Thomas now!

She is an embarrassment to the Hearst Corp., to the entire White House press corps and to the journalistic community – if any of them can still be embarrassed.

What am I talking about?

Isn’t Helen Thomas the dean of the White House press corps? Doesn’t she command the respect of all her colleagues? Isn’t she something of a press institution?

There’s no question Thomas has been treated respectfully by her peers and by successive White Houses. I can’t really understand why. Yes, she’s old. Yes, she’s crotchety. Yes, she’s been around a long time.

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But it’s time to put her out to pasture. It’s time to bar her from the White House press corps. It’s time to retire her – ignominiously. It’s time for all good journalists and respectable politicians (I know that’s a small fraternity) to walk away from her and shake the dust from their shoes.


Am I just being cruel?

No, I would like you to look at Exhibit A in the case against Helen Thomas:

I don’t feel any other exhibits are necessary, though I could surely list them. It’s not the first time I have attempted to expose this witch for what she is.

In fact, I corresponded with Tony Snow and Dana Perino during the Bush years about this battle ax and the undue respect she was afforded – even while the affable and lovable Les Kinsolving was often vilified by them.

Perino dressed me down for the contempt I showed Thomas. Dana may be very easy on the eyes, but she is hardly the most discerning and astute observer of the media and political scene.

Can you imagine in 2010 any other media or political figure getting away with saying Jews in Israel should go back to Germany and Poland?

It’s stunning. It’s breathtaking. It’s flabbergasting.

This is a first-rate, raw-boned, dyed-in-the-wool Jew-hater.

And she represents the Hearst Corp.

She is revered by the White House press corps.

She is treated with dignity by presidents.

Can someone please explain this to me?

Why isn’t Abe Foxman campaigning to get her fired and disgraced?

Where’s the Anti-Defamation League when you need them?

Aren’t there any professional organizations among journalists to censure this beast for this kind of hate-talk?

Now I’ve always known Thomas was an anti-Semite. It’s been obvious in her work for decades. It’s been obvious in her earlier comments about Israel. But this is a classic illustration – undeniable evidence.

If Pat Buchanan said this, he would be drummed out of the commentary business.

She wants the Jews to go home to Germany and Poland – where 6 million of them, about half the Jewish population in the entire world – were exterminated. Israel was the refuge for the survivors. But Helen Thomas has aligned herself with Hezbollah, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hamas and neo-Nazis around the world who would like nothing better than to see the Jews wandering again so they can be picked off one by one.

Not that it should be necessary to remind this skunk, but many Polish and German Jews actually tried to return after the war to Poland, Germany, France and other European countries from which they were unceremoniously uprooted from their homes and property. What they found was they were unwelcome. They were denied claims to their old properties. They were denied the rights of citizens.

It should also be mentioned, just for the record, that about half the population of Israel doesn’t even have European roots. About 1 million Israelis fled or were booted out of Muslim countries in the Middle East. Where would Ms. Thomas have them go next?

I’m breathless, as you can see.

But, as a fellow Lebanese-American and as a real journalist, I want to denounce this detestable old wretch in no uncertain terms. I want her discredited. I want her banished from my industry. I want to see her frog-marched out of the White House and the briefing rooms. And I want to see the Hearst Corp., for which I worked so hard and long, do the right thing and fire her.

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