Sometime during the last half-century, America – the most magnificent and prosperous nation in the world – was stolen, according to June’s special issue of Whistleblower magazine.

“Just 50 years ago, in the 1950s, America was a great place,” writes author William Lind in the issue, titled “STEALTH ATTACK.” “It was safe. It was decent. Children got good educations in the public schools. Even blue-collar fathers brought home middle-class incomes, so moms could stay home with the kids. Television shows reflected sound, traditional values.

“Where did it all go? How did that America become the sleazy, decadent place we live in today – so different that those who grew up prior to the ’60s feel like it’s a foreign country? Did it just ‘happen’?

“It didn’t just ‘happen,'” Lind explains. “In fact, a deliberate agenda was followed to steal our culture and leave a new and very different one in its place. The story of how and why is one of the most important parts of our nation’s history – and it is a story almost no one knows. The people behind it wanted it that way.”

Cover of June 2010 Whistleblower

Indeed, today in the age of Obama, millions of Americans are “waking up” to the stealth infiltration and subversion of their beloved country and are appalled at what they see: Not only is their government in the hands of the left, but virtually all of our nation’s major institutions – from the public education system to our colleges and universities, from the news media to the entertainment industry, from the unions to our major philanthropic foundations, even many of our churches – have also been captivated by this same destructive ideology.

The incredible but true story of how all this happened is laid out as perhaps never before in the June issue of Whistleblower, titled “STEALTH ATTACK: How the Left took control of America piece by piece – schools, media, churches, and now government.

Highlights of “STEALTH ATTACK” include:

  • “The left’s 2-front war on America” by David Kupelian, on how the greatest nation on earth has, for decades, been stealthily transformed by radicals

  • “Voices from the past” – a trip back in time to experience what America’s founders said about safeguarding our liberties
  • “No salvation in politics” by Joseph Farah, who explains the real center of gravity in the war for America’s soul lies not in her politics, but in her culture
  • “Who stole our culture?” by William S. Lind, the astonishing story of how cultural Marxists have transformed America
  • “Why the left talks about ‘white’ tea parties” by Dennis Prager, on what happens when people see life through the prism of race, gender and class – but not right and wrong
  • “Sick thinking from disgraceful leftists” by David Limbaugh, on what’s really behind accusations of conservative “hate speech”
  • “The left’s ludicrous accusations against tea partiers” by James Simpson, documenting its wall-to-wall violence and vandalism against the GOP
  • “Cultural Marxism in education: The gathering revolt” by Chuck Rogér
  • “Sabotaging our schools” by David Kupelian, on how radicals hijacked America’s education system
  • “The Manchurian President” by Aaron Klein, a sneak peek inside the new blockbuster exposé of Barack Obama
  • “Coalition of extremists pushing Obama agenda” by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, documenting the stunning consortium of socialists, communists and Marxists supporting the president
  • “‘SNL’ star: ‘There’s a communist living in the White House’ – Victoria Jackson unloads on Obama with a biting comic video
  • “It’s a civil war: What we do now” by Dennis Prager

“Here’s the hard truth,” said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. “The same ‘ism’ we fought to contain overseas – whether you call it Marxism, socialism, or progressivism – has been slowly infiltrating and subverting America for decades. The final piece of the puzzle – the federal government – fell into leftists’ hands like a ripe piece of fruit in November 2008.

“This issue of Whistleblower ends the charade, tells exactly how the anti-American left pulled this off right under our noses, and what we must now do to take our country back from them. The American giant is finally awakening, and it’s time to act.”

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