California’s lazy liberal whiners

By Chrissy Satterfield

Well, liberals, you’ve finally done it. Americans are now the enemy of … Americans. I bet you are terribly proud of yourself for protecting criminals over your neighbor. Sacramento is the newest city in California to boycott Arizona over their immigration law. It’s funny because California runs its ivory tower so well, they have no problem telling other states what to do. I’m glad to have gotten out of that state while I still had the chance. I’m starting to see why everyone else in the country wishes California would just break off from the U.S. and float into the Pacific.

First off, Sacramento, nobody asked you! Do you honestly believe the rest of the country cares about your opinion? California is the Cousin Oliver of the U.S., yet you held a meeting and decided 6-1 to boycott Arizona. In case you forgot, you don’t have money to spend there anyway. I’m sure Arizona won’t miss your business. Shouldn’t your time be spent on Sacramento issues? Heaven knows you have plenty of them. Or are you so consumed with arrogance that you think your city is without problems? You can’t take two steps in that town without being harassed by a bum for a “coffee with two sugars and a bagel sandwich.” And they actually complain if you get their order wrong. I guess they never heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers.” Bottom line, Sacramento: Your homeless population outnumbers Starbucks 10-to-1. So get yourself together before you point fingers at anyone.

City Councilman Rob Fong said, “I’ve never been more proud of us.” It is his opinion that Sacramento is “standing on the right side of history.” Are you sure about that, Rob? When your grandchildren ask you about this “day in history,” what will you tell them? “Kids, I stood up for those who broke the law and I stood against U.S. citizens who wished to protect their state.” Yeah, that’s one for the books all right.

Conveniently, one of the voters, Steve Cohn, stepped out when the boycott issue came across the table. He made it known that he didn’t agree with the boycott, but didn’t return to the discussion until after the vote had been passed. Where’s your backbone? Did it run away with your common sense? Even if the vote had been 6-2, at least your voice would have been heard. Now you’ll be forever known as a coward.

Are things going so well over in Sacramento that they feel it’s time to pass judgment on other states? Get off your high horse and take a stand against your own state eliminating jobs in your city. Unless you’ve experienced a miracle, I believe you’re in a major financial crisis and people are being handed pink slips left and right. Robbie Waters, a Sacramento city councilman and the only one man enough to oppose this disgrace, had the right idea: “We should be taking care of our business here at home first.” That’s the spirit, Robbie! But like all great ideas presented to liberals, it, too, was swept under the rug.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the boycott will include “forbidding city workers from attending conferences in Arizona on the city’s dime, boycotting companies based in Arizona where practicable and where there is no significant additional cost to the city potentially canceling current contracts with firms from Arizona.” I’d like to know who researched all of this. Whose man-hours were wasted and how many tax dollars were exhausted looking into California’s affairs in Arizona? Because you know it wasn’t pro bono. Few representatives in that city care enough to do anything for free. Try this on for size. The Sac Bee said, “City staffers are going over hundreds of contracts to determine if the city does business with other Arizona companies. It’s a time-intensive practice.” This is why California and Sacramento are in debt. They spend money on worthless projects because they are too lazy and self-righteous to handle their own affairs.

Any business Arizona had with you has now disintegrated. That’s right, every contract you boycott you’ll be losing money on. Sundt Construction, for example, is based out of Phoenix but has an office in Sacramento. Cody Pearson, senior vice president of Sundt Construction, said, “The people out of this office will not have work. They won’t pay taxes, and it really hurts California. It does nothing to Arizona.” If Sacramento politicians think it’s going to make a dent in Arizona’s economy, they’re crazy. Though let’s get real – no one ever accused them of being financial geniuses.

I feel like a broken record defending the Arizona law: Sanctions have been put into place to prevent racial profiling. No one can be stopped while walking their dog or while they’re enjoying everyday activities. A person must be involved in a crime for the police to ask about their citizenship. Sacramento and L.A. are complaining about a violation of civil rights for a law we haven’t even seen in action. You can’t cry “civil rights” when no one’s rights have been violated. I can’t wait for this to blow up in their faces. They assume the worst. They don’t think Arizona leaders are competent enough to govern their state. California has Schwarzenegger as governor. How about Sacramento rally against the Governator who terminated countless jobs, or is that too much work for them? You see, it’s easy to call out Arizona. It doesn’t take much effort. What’s difficult is actually taking a stand when and where it counts.

My dose of honesty for these hipsters: I expected this from L.A. Those liberal wimps are always complaining about something, but you, Sacramento – really? You think it’s appropriate to spend money researching countless ways to boycott a state that couldn’t care less about you or your business? While your city has all but burned to the ground, you call out Arizona. Real Americans should boycott you and every city that dares challenge Arizona’s immigration law. Maybe then, you’ll rethink who really is on the right side of history.

Here are a couple of websites in case you’re interested in standing on the right side of history:
Boycott Sacramento and a petition supporting a boycott of Los Angeles.